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Choosing A Website Designing Company

1. Turn Your Ideas Into Reality With One team.

The challenges and situations are as different as the number of customers, and we will run “as fast as we can” together with each customer to help them achieve their goals. I want to be part of a team that “does something” to solve the problems faced by our customers.

2. Not “Once you make it, it’s over.”

Updates can be continued even if there is no dedicated web staff. We provide comprehensive support for server maintenance and data backup implementation/management. We provide advice on adding content and solving customer attraction issues.

3. There Is A Reason Why I Want To Leave It To You.

The entire group has a track record of production/operation for approximately 1,800 companies, providing an environment where we can constantly communicate with our customers. You can produce and operate cheaply with a low-cost, fixed-rate maintenance plan.

4. Web Jack-of-all-trades

We don’t just create websites; we also help our customers achieve what they want with comprehensive web marketing. We will introduce a wide range of services such as SEO services, listings, SNS advertising, MA tools, etc.

One step ahead of success.

We provide the latest high technology and the best products for our customers. By evolving little by little, we can improve productivity with web marketing.

Website production

Startia has a track record of production and operation for approximately 2,000 companies across the group,

providing an environment where we can constantly communicate with our customers. You can produce and operate

cheaply with a low-cost, fixed-rate maintenance plan.

A corporate site is the face of a company.

We create simple websites that are easy to view and use. We will suggest the most suitable content to suit

your needs and the purpose of website creation.

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STEP 01 Hearing, Meeting

Please let us know your requests and ideas. Based on the sitemap, we will create a wireframe that will serve as the starting point for your website. Focus on the content you want to attract the user’s interest and decide on a general route.

STEP 02 TOP Page Creation

We will code the finished images and text based on the content of the meeting.

We will check the top page and discuss the lower pages once the full page is completed. Please provide materials for publication.

STEP 03 Lower Page Creation

The lower page will be constructed based on the composition plan decided at the meeting and the materials provided.

Once all pages are completed, we will do a final check. We will check to see if there are any defects, such as broken links.

STEP 04 Released

Once all pages have been created, the website will be published online.

Users around the world can view it through a web browser.

You can then update some pages yourself.

Thank you, and I cherish it.

To Support The Healthy Survival And Growth Of Our Customers. We Aim To Be A Team That

Contributes to solving corporate issues such as “increasing sales and customer attraction, recruiting human resources, and branding” and creating a virtuous cycle of happiness.

Thank you from our customers for doing work that delivers success and results one step ahead of what our customers desire.

Thank you from our customers.

We always plan and propose marketing from the customer’s perspective and

value “the customer’s gratitude.”

Thank you to all the members.

By understanding each person’s role and fulfilling their mission responsibly,

members work hard together and value “growth, respect, and gratitude for each other.”

Thank you from outside the company and from shareholders.

By introducing web marketing products to small and medium-sized enterprises and increasing the number of satisfied customers,

We value “contributing and being appreciated.”

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