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What Are The Three Elements Of Bernard’s Organization?

Explaining the key points for understanding and implementing the three elements necessary for an organization

The “three elements of an organization” are important elements to keep in mind during the process of building an organization. By correctly understanding these three elements and utilizing them in organizational management, a solid corporate foundation will be completed, and it will be possible to form an unwavering organization. In this article, we will explain in detail the “three elements of an organization” and introduce specific points for implementing them in your organization.

What Are The Three Elements Of An Organization?

The “three elements of an organization” refer to the three elements of “communication,” “willingness to contribute,” and “common purpose,” and these are said to be important conditions for forming an organization. In order to deepen your understanding of the “three elements of an organization, ” we will explain in detail how the “three elements” are specifically defined and what role each element plays in an organization.

Definition of organization proposed by CI Barnard

The “Three Elements of an Organization” are the three conditions necessary for an organization to be established, proposed by American management scholar Chester Barnard, and are widely known as “Barnard’s Three Elements of an Organization.” In his book “The Role of Organizations,” published in 1938, Bernard wrote that three elements are essential for an organization to succeed: “communication,” “a desire to contribute,” and “a common purpose.”

It was defined as an incomplete organization, meaning that if it is missing, the organization will not be able to function properly. In addition, an organization is a collection of two or more people, and an organization is formed when two or more people try to accomplish something.

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In this way, the “three elements of an organization” defined by Barnard perfectly capture the essence of an organization and are fundamental principles that cannot be ignored even in modern times when building and managing organizations. It has been with. Next, I will explain in detail the “three elements of an organization” and how each element functions.


The first element for an organization to be established is “communication.” Communication is essential for sharing information among members in an organization, and without communication, an organization cannot proceed. Even if we look at a company as an organization, if there is not proper communication between colleagues and superiors, the entire organization will become disorganized, inefficient, and disorganized. Communication is an essential condition for an organization to function.

Willingness to contribute (desire to collaborate)

Next, the second element is “willingness to contribute.” Motivation to contribute refers to the basis of a member of an organization to contribute to the organization. This includes not only contributions to the organization as a whole but also contributions to one’s team and colleagues and is the desire of organizational members to work together and help each other while contributing to the organization. This desire to contribute is extremely important for an organization to function reliably as an organization and produce high results. If employees lack the willingness to contribute to the organization actively, the chances of the organization achieving its goals are extremely low, and the organization may eventually collapse. 

The third element is “common purpose.” Common purpose refers to the entire organization working towards something with the same sense of purpose. If this were applied to a company, it would fall under “corporate philosophy” or “management vision.” Based on Barnard’s definition, an organization is formed by a group of people with the same purpose. In other words, when employees within an organization share a “common purpose” with each other, the entire organization can move in the same direction and function cohesively as one organization. From this, “common purpose” can be considered as one of the important elements for structuring an organization.

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