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User Guide For Twitter

Easy Explanation Even For Beginners [Latest 2023]

We will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the know-how that is useful for store management, promotional customer attraction, and app customer attraction/development, so please use this as a hint for promotional measures and marketing activities.

Twitter/Twitter is a social networking service that allows you to post and share up to 140 characters as a “tweet.”

From July 24, 2023, Twitter will be renamed to “X”.

Create An Account (like your own home) And Display Posts By People You Follow.

You can also post your tweets and attach images and videos.

You can also use hashtags (#○○) to search for posts related to the topic.

You can react to tweets by replying or liking them.

Profile and header image (cover image) can also be customized

Private communication is also possible through DM (direct message)

You may think that Twitter is difficult to start and use, but once you get over that barrier, Twitter is fun and super easy to use!

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is currently used by over 300 million users worldwide. Many users are young people in their teens to 20s.

The number of people using Twitter continues to increase, and news related to Twitter often appears in the information! (Although there is some bad news…)

Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to see world trends.

It is a social media service where you can find out what is happening in real-time, such as the latest news and trend information, search based on your hobbies and things you like, and connect with people all over the world.

There is a saying that seeing is believing, but it is important to try first.

So, let’s get started with Twitter!

By reading this article, you can use Twitter more effectively and have more fun.

Basic ways to start using Twitter, even for beginners

Convenient ways to enjoy Twitter after getting started

Explaining how to start using Twitter! 

① First, Download The Twitter App

This time, I want to explain how to use it on a smartphone mainly.

Android users can download the application from Google Play, and iPhone users can search for “Twitter” from the App Store.

Then, tap the Twitter icon to display the account information registration screen.

If you have created a Twitter account before and remember the account information, select “Use an already created account.”

②Create An Account

It will be useful to prepare the following information in advance when creating a new Twitter account.

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Step 1


It is okay to use the username (nickname) you use on Twitter instead of your real name.

You can also change your name after registration.

Step 2

Phone number or email address

After registration is complete, a final confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered here.

Step 3

Password for Twitter

Set a password other than one you have used on other sites or something other people can easily guess, such as your birthday, phone number, or name.

Please enter the information above to proceed.

Step 4

Contact sync

If you select “Sync,” the app will automatically search for people who are registered in your contacts and have Twitter accounts. If you want to write individually later, select “Not now.”

Step 5

Select the topic you’re interested in or search to add

Topic selections such as entertainment, sports, news, etc. and recommended accounts are displayed.

If you don’t want to follow immediately, select “Not now” and proceed.

Step 6

precise location information

Select “Not now” or “OK” for permission to collect, save, and use the location information of your device. If you allow it with “OK”, tweets, advertisements, news, etc., based on location information will be displayed.

Step 7

Perform final confirmation from the confirmation email after setting completion.

Step 8

Completion of registration

Thank you for your hard work. Registration is now complete!

Let’s start using Twitter right away.

Multiple accounts can be used properly.

Some people want to divide their accounts into two or more versions.

It is possible to obtain multiple accounts.

For example, if you want to use Twitter for personal and business purposes, you can switch between them.

In that case, you can switch between Twitter accounts by acquiring each account and logging in to the account you want to use from “Use an existing account.”

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