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Tips For Writing Good Sales Copy

Sales Copy: It’s time to learn how to bring formulas to life and use them to excite the reader and sell more and more. Check out the main tips for making text your primary resource:

Know Your Leads

Before writing a text, knowing more about the reader is essential. After all, each company has a different target audience with characteristics that can and should be explored when producing the copy.

Therefore, before opening the notebook and starting production, search for information from leads and get to know their preferences, needs, desires and objections in depth.

To help with this process, a persona is highly recommended. This semi-fictional profile represents the ideal consumer, helping the brand to visualize precisely who its reader is.

Tell Stories

Stories engage, move and, most importantly, sell. Not surprisingly, Storytelling is the primary strategy within Content Marketing.

Therefore, insert success stories, testimonials from other consumers and stories that show the reader how the brand can help them and, more than that, how it will be by their side when they need it.

But, before producing great stories, it’s worth remembering that sales copy must help the lead’s decision-making. Therefore, it is essential not to get lost in narratives that distract the reader’s attention.

Choose The Right Tone Of Voice

Brand Voice has an essential mission in sales copy, and it represents the writing style the brand should follow and which approach to adopt, be it formal or informal.

This is because there is no point in producing impeccable text if it was designed for a person with a completely different profile from the person who received it.

A student, for example, will not show interest in an email full of technical and advanced information about a subject that he does not even have basic knowledge about.

To avoid this type of noise and ensure that the receiver receives the message clearly, it is essential to identify the tone of voice that fits their profile.

Define The Ideal Formula

We show some of the most used formulas among the main copywriters who focus on sales, and the brand can and should use as many as necessary to achieve its objectives.

However, deciding which one to use at the right time is essential. After all, some approaches are more direct, others develop a story, and others create a sense of urgency.

Therefore, the company must be careful to find the ideal resource to talk to its lead assertively without forcing it. After all, the goal here is to convert and not lose.

Follow Good Copy Practices

Good copy practices are like a guide for the writer to produce efficient and assertive text. You need to understand that sales copy is not like a book, magazine, or social media post.

Each of these media has its own particularity and characteristics. The copy couldn’t be any different; check out some good practices:

  • Short and simple sentences:
  • Highlight essential words and phrases;
  • CTAs
  • Bullet points.

Time To Get Your Hands Dirty

Sales copy is a text production approach that aims to transform leads into consumers. This is done through formulas designed especially for the reader.

To achieve this objective, the brand must know its audience well, identify the ideal formula for what it wants to do, and, of course, show precisely how it can solve the desire, need and problem of the person reading the text.

Through this, the company ensures that the lead has a helping hand when making the purchasing decision and becomes a customer.

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