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Course In Social Networks And Business

Do you want to know how to plan a social media strategy? Take a look at this course on Social Networks and business!

At EUROINNOVA, how to plan a social media strategy

Planning a social media strategy is crucial for any company seeking to maximize its reach and engagement online. To achieve this, it is essential to set clear objectives, identify the target audience, select the right platforms, and create relevant and engaging content. In the following post, we tell you how to plan a social media strategy and offer you a wide range of courses and masters in digital. Social media has transformed how businesses connect with their customers and audiences online. Nowadays, having an effective social media strategy is essential for any company that wants to establish a successful online presence and grow its fan base. Therefore, the following post will tell you how to plan a social media strategy and what content you should include. Will you join us to learn more?

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  2. At EUROINNOVA, how to plan a social media strategy

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What Is A Social Media Strategy?

As you already know, social networks are a powerful tool to increase your brand’s visibility and attract new customers. An effective strategy for social networks is essential to achieve significant results online since publishing content with a clear plan can be a good use of time and resources.

A social media strategy is a structured plan that sets clear goals and details how a company will use social media to achieve them. To create an effective system, you must identify your target audience, define your brand tone and voice, select the right platforms, and create relevant and engaging content.

There are several types of strategies for social networks, depending on the company’s objectives. Some of the most common methods include brand building, increasing followers, and lead generation. Each strategy involves different tactics and approaches, and selecting the one that best suits your specific needs is essential.

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Types Of Strategies In Social Media

Large companies mainly use five strategies to increase their sales and obtain a return on investment, both quantitative and qualitative.

Let’s look at some of the most used strategies to convert customers into and produce revenue :

Brand Image

One of the leading social media strategies is improving a company’s brand image and notoriety. To do this, a good option is to make viral videos distributed on platforms such as YouTube.

However, we should focus on more than just the brand image and take advantage of the pull that a viral video can have.

Online Sales

If our company sells a product online, one of the objectives will be to get users to the product page and buy. And social media is a great space to attract people to the product. To do this, we can combine the inclusion of links to key sections on the website, along with the publication of frequent posts.

Customer Loyalty

To retain our audience, there is nothing better than meeting the needs of the public, and social networks can be of great help. It is about accounts being the platform through which you can answer questions to your clients.

Market Studies

Another potential in social networks is using them as a market study tool, where we can learn valuable data for our business.

How To Plan A Social Media Strategy

To plan a strategy on social networks, we must follow some steps to achieve the expected objectives. Let’s see how to plan a social media strategy :

Definition Of Objectives And KPIs

Our strategy must have associated objectives, which, in turn, must be aligned with business objectives. We must ask questions such as: What product/service provides the most benefit? What strategy am I following? o What habits does my target have on social networks?

Creation Of A Buyer Person

It is a significant step to know our audience. This is a fictional character that is a representation of our ideal client. To find this profile, we need to investigate and analyze our and potential clients’ behavioral patterns, demographic characteristics, and interests.

Selecting The Right Social Networks

The most used social networks in Spain and how they can help you according to studies by We Are Social, Statista, and Data Report.

Facebook has more than 20 million users in Spain and 2,912 million users worldwide. This social network is ideal for viral content, publishing news, and taking advantage of live videos.

LinkedIn is the most successful professional social network, with 14 million users in Spain. Its attractive segmentation filters allow you to find the ideal customer in B2B companies.

Despite experiencing a drop in 2017, Twitter still has almost 9 million users in Spain. It is used to stay informed through the media, opinion leaders, influencers, etc.

YouTube is the platform par excellence for videos and has practically 41 million users in Spain. It is ideal for attracting users and improving online positioning.

TikTok, a recently introduced social network, has 14 million users in Spain and 800 million worldwide, with 70% of them under 18 years of age. It is an opportunity to get closer to your younger audience, and virality, spontaneity, and brevity are critical to the content of this social network.

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