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Customer Retention: 7 Tips To Do In Your Company!

Customer Retention: According to research, repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers, and acquiring new customers costs 5 to 10 times more than selling to an existing one.

Therefore, it is important to know how to retain customers correctly. Knowing how to retain a lead is the key to reducing the cost of acquiring customers, streamlining the purchase decision, and increasing the chances of success in new negotiations. 

This is because a satisfied consumer is more likely to shop with you again, and in this new purchase, he will be predisposed to spend more compared to the moment of the first purchase.

Customer Retention 

The concept can be defined as a set of strategies and activities that aim to produce a better shopping experience, increase satisfaction and reduce churn. 

The great differential of this strategy lies in optimizing the relationship that a brand builds with its active base, stimulating consumer engagement. 

By strengthening this relationship, some rational and emotional elements emerge in these interactions, resulting in customer loyalty; as long as their needs are met, they will value a partnership with your brand more than the specifically negotiated terms. 

Customer Retention Benefits

With customer retention, the company can rely on several advantages to achieve its goals. So, understand now what are the main benefits of customer retention! 

Cost Reduction 

It is much cheaper to convince those who have already bought from you than to convert a lead completely from scratch. In addition, satisfied customers are likely to spend more on each order, recommend your product to acquaintances and provide greater engagement with your marketing campaigns.

Increased Revenue And Average Ticket 

With recurring and larger orders, there is a chance to increase revenue and leverage the average order ticket. 

Acceptance Of New Proposals 

When launching a new product, your retained customers are more likely to trust your proposal and buy what you brought new to the catalog. 

7 Tips For Customer Retention!

Understand how to retain your lead and enjoy each of the benefits mentioned.

Know Your Persona And Expectations 

For a customer retention strategy, it is extremely necessary to know your audience in depth to learn more about their behavior, needs, expectations, and requirements. 

For this, a good CRM is a great alternative because it manages customer relationships and facilitates acquiring and analyzing this data with automation resources. 

Adopt A Humanized Service 

Understanding the problem faced by your customer and generating solutions focused on him is a great differential of humanized service today; this will undoubtedly increase the value of your brand during the relationship, whether in person, on social networks, or in support service.

Act With Transparent Service 

Creating processes that increase the transparency and objectivity of your services is a good idea because it clarifies what your customer can expect from your company. 

Get Feedbacks 

Paying attention to your customers’ feedback is essential to ensure retention and loyalty. 

Pay Attention To Performance Indicators 

Obtain reliable and solid data with performance indicators so it is possible to identify actions that generate results, gain insights, and propose improvements to the operations carried out. 

Adopt More Agile Processes 

Customers want quick solutions. For this, you can improve internal processes by offering resources for your team to improve response times with more agility and quality. Extra tip: using CRM software can help you with this task. 

Implement Tools For Customer Relationship Management 

CRM software, a platform focused on customer relationship management, is one of the main options for customer relationship management tools. 

With these systems, it is possible to integrate other management platforms and automate recurring tasks, such as collecting and analyzing customer data or even feeding performance indicators.

The complete option combines operational hubs for sales, marketing, and service guided by a single data source to adjust your infrastructure and facilitate the daily operation of your teams.

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