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Digitization Strategy: Companies Overcome Most Significant Obstacles

Digitization Strategy- Companies have to stay on the ball to benefit from the new business opportunities offered by digitization. The companies surveyed named uncertainty in dealing with the cloud, mobility, IoT, and artificial intelligence and budget freezes by management and work councils as the most frequent causes of delays. Although 24 percent of the companies surveyed do not want to set up a digitization strategy until the next twelve months, 92 percent are convinced that such a strategy is fundamentally necessary.

The study on the current status of digital transformation companies was carried out by Riverbed together with the consulting firm Crisp Research. The survey aimed to determine how far digitization has advanced companies, the goals of digital initiatives, what obstacles there are, and how companies can overcome them.

Digitization Strategy: Goals In The Implementation

Forty-seven percent of the companies surveyed would like customer relationships to be digitized, and 42 percent would like the process and value chain to be optimized. Thirty-nine percent each expect a digitization strategy to increase employee satisfaction and develop new digital products. Given these hoped-for advantages, it is surprising that the transformation is only progressing slowly in an international comparison. What is preventing companies from actually implementing their goals?

Forty-eight percent of the companies see the uncertainty in dealing with cloud computing, mobility technologies, and loT and AI services as an obstacle, with 31 percent the management or the works council blocking the necessary budget. Twenty-eight percent do not have the right tools to deliver the required performance and user experience, 17 percent lack the essential knowledge, and 16 percent cannot identify the appropriate technologies.

Digitization Strategy: Metrics And Tools For Measuring Success

Companies use the following metrics to measure the success of their digitization strategy:

  • User satisfaction / user experience 
  • Application performance and latency 
  • Stability and uptime of the solutions Usage rate and the users’ engagement on the provided services or the performance of the services .

Companies currently use the following applications to measure success:

  • Island solutions for cloud management services 
  • Network Performance Monitoring 
  • Customer Experience Management 
  • Application performance monitoring 
  • User Experience Management 
  • End-User Experience Monitoring Services
  • Uniform suite for monitoring services that combines all tools.

Monitoring And IT Management Deliver The Necessary Performance

The study shows that there is often a lack of knowledge or tools to deliver the necessary performance. And tools that are isolated from one another are rarely sufficient to find errors and solutions quickly. A new generation of monitoring and IT management solutions now offers in-depth analysis of IT performance, and end-user and digital experience management platforms are expanding IT and application monitoring. These solutions integrate the data of various former isolated solutions for cloud, application, and network performance management.

In addition, they provide information about the interdependencies of an application or mobile app with other services within the architecture and can provide information based on the surrounding framework conditions. However, only nine percent of the companies surveyed currently use these solutions. Twenty-nine percent of the participants haven’t even heard of them.

Lead The Digitization Strategy To Success

“The music industry is already making more money from streaming than from traditional sales. More and more products are being replaced by digital alternatives, which is why companies will generate a large part of their growth digitally in the future,”. “However, digital products and services are only successful if customers and users can easily access them. With end-user or digital experience management platforms, companies can uncover problems in increasingly complex infrastructures and provide customers, employees, and partners with the necessary performance for the digitized world. “

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