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Domain Management: 3 Tips To Save Time, Money, And Nerves

Domain Management: Anyone who takes care of one or more websites for themselves or customers understands the problem. Where do I host my domains? How do I find the related products and features? Good domain management is essential to keep track of things. We give you three tips and show how ResellerInterface can help you.

Excellent and professional domain management usually requires know-how and experience. Nevertheless, a few essential tips will help you get started with administration.

Domain Management: Tip 1: Choose A Suitable Domain Name

Before you start your new website, you choose a proper domain name. It would be best to choose words that suit you, your brand, or your company. In addition, the terms should be easy to remember, understandable, and not too long.

It is also essential for companies to find the right domain and have a domain strategy. This means securing different word combinations covering your products and protecting against cybersquatting.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Domain Extension

In addition to the actual domain name, choosing the right domain extension is also crucial. Many companies pick a country-specific domain ending, for example, the “.de” ending in Germany. Large companies often choose .com when they also do business internationally.

Larger companies primarily opt for several domain endings to be reachable under the respective conclusion abroad. While “.de” is automatically entered in Germany, the ccTLD “.at” enjoys greater trust in Austria.

Domain endings, in particular, are often registered for additional services such as (e.g., service. tech, support. wiki, my online. shop), marketing purposes (e.g., campaign. online, new product. live), or industry-specific (e.g., event. event, company. fitness). . More and more companies are using the potential of new endings such as Netflix. Shop or Rickert. Law.

Tip 3: Always Keep WHOIS Data Up To Date

In the WHOIS database, a searchable list of all registered domains, the current data for the individual part can be called up. For this reason, it is also so important that this data is always kept up to date. Because the information is incorrect, you risk a warning that you can easily avoid.

Domain Management With The Reseller Interface

It doesn’t matter whether it’s just one domain, several of your occupations, or domains for customers – good domain management is one of the most important factors for lasting success. To be more professional, many people and companies have to turn to external help, such as ResellerInterface.

Behind the project is the company Greenmark IT GmbH, which has relied on third-party providers in the reseller sector in recent years. A fundamentally new and modern DomainRobot with the latest technology has been created in more than four years of development.

The new reseller interface is designed to be as self-explanatory and intuitive as possible. Even customers without previous knowledge can intuitively find the required functions. Professional users can choose from a wide variety of comprehensive configuration options that suit them best.

In addition, more than 1,000 domain endings are available in the new ResellerInterface for immediate, automated registration; different conclusions can be easily connected via the service if desired.

In the interface, the DNS of each domain can be fully edited. Necessary external services are integrated directly with just one click using predefined templates. You can create your templates for frequent configurations (such as your webserver). In addition, all services are available on a single interface. Users no longer have to remember multiple logins, for example, to switch between domain and hosting interfaces.

To convince yourself of ResellerInterface, free test access is available on the website. This allows you to try out all the functions and the straightforward interface for yourself.

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