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How To Prepare For The Future Of Work?

Future Of Work: Knowing trends allows for preparation, especially regarding what the market expects from professionals. Companies operate in a new ecosystem where they must adapt to new work formats.

After all, today, people already relate to each other in a much more flexible, hybrid, dynamic, and innovative model, and companies need to keep up with this evolution. 

We expect a living culture aligned with the organization’s strategy. And we see automation as a bridge to more agile and intelligent processes. In addition, of course, to data analysis to guide decision-making about human resources. So, check out what the employee of the future should have. 

Emotional Intelligence

Empathy will no longer be just a hashtag on social media. The job market already requires teams to be able to put themselves in each other’s shoes. This is a characteristic of professionals with emotional intelligence. 

People management develops this skill by encouraging attitudes, avoiding negative thoughts, controlling conflicts and aggressive situations, and encouraging employees to make judgments and preconceptions. 

Analytical And Innovative Thinking

In addition to critical thinking, which is highly developed in organizations, thinking analytically and innovatively will be a differential. Managers expect professionals to use data-driven thinking. Mastering tools that provide this type of analysis will be more than necessary. 

Virtual Collaboration

Productivity and engagement are concepts that work hand in hand. And they cannot be forgotten. The future of work in the digital age will demand these same values, regardless of the platform used. Being familiar with technological tools is essential. 

Become Familiar With Process Automation

In movies and comics, machines will replace people. However, reality shows that technology is an ally of people and companies. 

In this sense, tools have emerged to help with demands, agility, and assertiveness. Companies estimate that 60% of occupations could automate 30% or more of their activities. 

Strengthening The Organizational Culture

Corporate culture must accompany the evolution of work in the future. It acts as a guide to attitudes and stands out as a competitive advantage. 

Culture is the shared habits, beliefs, values ​​, and behaviors between the company and its employees. The tendency is to strengthen the organizational culture, as it will be decisive for retaining talent and motivating people for a purpose.

The Role Of Technology In The Future Of Work

The same technological revolution that initially caused fear has become a positive event in the world of work. From a “villain,” automation has become a partner of companies in different sectors. 

The reality in the job market today is positive, as technology has brought benefits for businesses and people. Increased productivity, cost reduction, and quality of products and services are just a few. 

In this way, HR 4.0 provides process optimization, agility, data collection, and analysis that subsidize management and accompany the evolution of companies. 

HR Of The Future

Some professions do not even exist, but organizations are already identifying their presence. In this sense, companies need to accelerate the development, training, and preparation process of people who will shortly be part of the staff.

Fortunately, companies have understood that it is more feasible to unify data, activities, and processes on a single platform rather than using individual systems for each task, different passwords, and data stored in multiple locations. 

Other factors corroborate the advantage of using single management software. These are issues related to the LGPD and information security. 

After all, with everything on a single platform, there is no sharing of data from one system to another, protecting critical information from people and companies.


Here, we learn that the changes established so far favor — and a lot — HR and companies. Therefore, the future of work lies in people and in how we use technology in their turn, enhancing human capital. Take the time to reflect on how prepared your company is for tomorrow.

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