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Machine Learning: How To Create More Customer Engagement

Did you know that equipment is capable of learning? Contrary to what many people think, this is already a technological reality. The name is Machine Learning. 

This reality is increasingly present in companies. They want machines to manage incoming information more efficiently and properly handle the data. In addition, technology is used to simplify processes and shape products and services to Customer tastes. 

In this regard, the World Bank surveyed and discovered a revealing number. Companies that invest in information and communication technologies, such as Machine Learning, grow 9.5 times more than others. 

And the reason for this to happen is very simple. Machines can perform activities that, for us humans, would be impossible. And they do it quickly and accurately. 

Undeniably, this impact is immense in all areas of the company, especially in the production of content for Digital Marketing, as you will see in this article. 

Let’s Understand Machine Learning Better

Machine Learning is an Artificial Intelligence tool. It refers to machines and systems’ capacity to identify patterns amid an immense amount of data. 

First of all, recognizing patterns is not new to us. It is about identifying and grouping similar characteristics. We do this all the time: How to know the behavior of plants to improve planting—knowing psychological profiles to improve relationships between people. Or organize processes to be more productive.

Likewise, machines that can learn do so. They do this by analyzing a gigantic mass of data. We generate, every single day, a sea of ​​information.

Governments, corporations, and financial systems invest in this technology to, for example, identify fraud. Likewise, retail chains and e-commerces increase sales by recommending new and personalized products and services to their Clients. 

Who still needs to open Netflix and come across the movie suggestion that is your face? Who has yet to receive an email from the store they just visited, online or offline, with the promotion they’ve been waiting for?

On the other hand, this does not mean that Machine Learning is only for the big ones. Quite the opposite. This technology is increasingly accessible to all segments and sizes of companies. 

Surely, your head must already be boiling with creative ideas from which you can benefit from this technological resource. There are many. One of them is precisely the Production of more adequate and individualized Content for its Clients. And that’s what we’re going to deal with now.

Engage With Personalized Content

Content production is one of the Digital Marketing strategies. In short, it is about offering relevant and good-quality content for each Customer profile. 

With the help of Machine Learning, it is possible to analyze all the data, extract new concepts, plan specific actions, and produce differentiated content. 

But how does this happen? As we have already mentioned, Machine Learning identifies patterns and, through intelligent software, suggests changes in content – ​​texts, photos, videos – in addition to corrections. It is also possible to better calibrate targeting and application techniques to engage precisely the desired target audience. 

For example, the Recommendations, which we have already seen in this article. In it, Machine Learning analyzes the purchase history of all its Customers to recommend content that may be interesting and attractive to each of them. 

Another application is creating content with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I mean Internet search engine optimization. This technique makes it better positioned in Google’s ranking. 

Consequently, with the generation of value for the Customer, communication becomes more efficient and, at the same time, increases the chances of the content being found by the Customer in search engines. 

Today’s biggest pain for companies is targeting their audience, gaining their admiration, and generating more engagement and results. 

Finally, we hope this article has been useful in showing that applying this new technology will be fundamental for the survival of businesses in the new market that will emerge after the public health and economic crises.

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