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Marketing Assets: Why Brita Introduced Efficient Media Management

Marketing Assets: Hardly anything poses such significant challenges for companies through digitization as efficient media management. Brita, a provider of solutions for drinking water optimization, has quickly made digital marketing assets available in national companies.

The image archive used by Brita, called BOA (Brita Online Assets), reached its limits with the company’s growth, the emergence of new brands, and the increasing demand and number of marketing assets worldwide. The company was therefore looking for a new software solution to manage the marketing assets on its own. With the marketing resource management solution implemented in 2018, Brita can now create and distribute a growing number of marketing materials worldwide quickly, efficiently, and in a brand-compliant manner.

Access Of The National Companies To All Marketing Assets

Whereas in the past, the required marketing materials had to be sent on CD, today, the marketing teams in the national companies access the material of the product needed directly via digital asset management. Product shots, pack shots, seals, icons, mood images, PDFs for product brochures and flyers, and much more are stored in digital asset management. These can be downloaded freely and scaled-down as required. Agency service providers can access materials via a link in the BOA or their login. As soon as they receive an order, they can research the BOA inventory material. That saves a lot of time on all sides.

Process Control Of Packaging Production From Design To Printing

Brita Marketing controls its processes from the final creative artwork for packaging to printing with the Workflow Manager. As soon as a packaging design has been created and approved, the process starts in the Workflow Manager. This is where the final artwork and the implementation of the packaging variants are controlled – a sometimes highly complex job because a single filter jug ​​can come in up to 40 variants.

All processes are controlled automatically via the Workflow Manager, from the approval by colleagues from product marketing to the automated delivery of the print data to the print shop. The final print data is then transferred from the workflow manager to the digital asset management solution. Here the print shops have access to the respective folder that contains their print data and can call up the data. With the brand templates included in Digital Asset Management, Brita also manages the production of business cards in the entire group, including the approval process by the respective departments.

The brand portal recently became the homepage of the BOA. At Brigade, marketing also allows posting editorial content and communicating its CD guidelines and more detailed information on the assets and their use. The aim was to optimize the BOA user guidance and find suitable investments as efficiently as possible. In this way, users are guided through digital asset management in a targeted manner via questions.

The Logo Selector Always Leads To A Suitable Logo

There are over 150 variants of the Brita logo in digital asset management. That doesn’t make it easy for sales to find a suitable logo for the respective purpose. Stamps are applied to exhibition walls, baseball caps, and banners, to name just a few possible uses. This immediately raises the question of which file format and which color variant are required.

The marketing team at headquarters used to spend a lot of time answering these queries. Or it was not asked at all, and errors occurred as a result. Today – with significantly more employees, brands, countries, and a need for communication that has increased many times over – the marketing team could no longer deal with these inquiries.

The logo selector was developed to better manage employees in digital asset management, which was launched together with the brand portal. For which brand is the logo used? For what purpose? Digital or print production? Does it have to be black and white or in color? These and other questions guide the employee to the suitable logo.

The Number Of Marketing Assets Increases To 58,000

Ten years ago, there were around 1,400 assets in the BOA. Today almost 58,000 assets are managed in digital asset management. Here, the entire digital marketing material can be made available globally, which ensures brand conformity and enables much more efficient work. There were also efficiency gains in the area of ​​print data production. The diversification of the products is enormous. In 2005 there were still two major product types, today they are in the double-digit range. As a result, the amount of print data has multiplied.

Only two people still control the processes via the workflow manager. They coordinate the entire job, from the artwork approval to the delivery of the print data to the print shop. Between 800 and 1,000 print data jobs are carried out each year. The Workflow Manager helps workflow automation gain efficiency and thus become more powerful without having to build up more resources. 

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