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Online Marketing: 7 Useful Tips For Manufacturers

Online Marketing: Addressing customers via digital channels has meanwhile become standard, and online sales are indispensable. what opportunities there are in online marketing and e-commerce and can be used for the company.

Online Marketing: Efficient Branding Through Retargeting

Everyone who runs their website knows and uses (hopefully) Google Analytics: Who was on the site, who kept information about what for how long? These evaluations have long been standard for every website operator, even if no shop is connected. You can also use your visitors’ information to keep in touch with them via retargeting. In this way, you can constantly remind your target group of your brand and encourage them to enter the “brand bubble” as soon as possible and to become part of the fan community in the broadest sense. Also, consider retargeting in connection with Videoed or moving images on YouTube!

Online Marketing: Win New Trading Partners With B2B Targeting

Networks like LinkedIn or Xing offer excellent opportunities for B2B targeting. There you can, for example, recruit new sales partners and increase awareness among them. Advertising measures can be controlled on the platforms according to purchasing decision-makers from potential partner companies. Target group information can also be booked from LinkedIn in combination with search terms via Microsoft’s search engine Bing: For example, an ad is only shown to a user if he enters the search term “coffee machine” in the search engine and at the same time fits into the specified target group, for example, “Managing director or buyer of an electrical appliance retailer”.

Online Marketing: Rely On Native Advertising

Native advertising platforms such as Taboada allow advertisers to distribute “editorial” content. Brand manufacturers, in particular, have the opportunity to explain their new products or hang on to specific topics: “10 recipes for detox smoothies”, for example, could be a vehicle to advertise the in-house mixer by integrating a picture of it into the article will.

Give Your Brand A Face

The brand can also be authentically conveyed via selected influencers. Incidentally, it applies here that it doesn’t always have to be the all-around stars. Micro-influencers often communicate a brand in a much more authentic and target-group-oriented way. Although they have a smaller fan community, they have a higher level of credibility in their circle of influence. Of course, it is essential that the influencers fit the brand and voluntarily stage the brand.

Subsidy For Advertising Costs To Stationary And Online Trading Partners

The Google Manufacturer Center is a new type of account with which manufacturers can make their articles available to dealers in an ideally structured manner for Google. In addition, manufacturers can use co-sponsored shopping ads to give a direct advertising subsidy to sell selected Google Shopping product feeds. This works by, for example, paying a percentage surcharge on the click price to push sales of their products with selected trading partners.

Online Marketing: Promote Local Sales Online

Online not only inspires online. Stationary sales also benefit from targeted online advertising. This means that customers can be passed on to retail partners who only sell stationery. For example, in the Google Manufacturer Center, local campaigns in the trading partner’s catchment area can be controlled using the Affiliate Location Extension. These potential guide customers into the respective local shops and thus increase brick-and-mortar sales. The only requirement for the Affiliate Location Extensions is that the trading partner has more than ten branches.

Direct Sales: Not Only Through The Online Shop

If you want to get into direct sales, you don’t always have to open an (online) shop right away. There are enough marketplaces where manufacturers can try out direct sales to customers themselves. From Amazon to Calando, there are a lot of leeway’s that should be tested. Because every marketplace follows different game rules and Amazon is undoubtedly the most universal, but not always the most individually suitable market. Have the courage to experiment! You will be rewarded with additional sales.

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