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Proven And Trusted Best Practices For Hiring Node.js Developers

Node.js is changing the way developers make state-of-the-art applications. Due to a number of reasons, such as being lightweight and efficient code compiling, it became very popular among new software coders. Due to that, the demand for Node.js developers is booming, and every company is trying to hire Node.js programmers.

While we cover the details on best practices of how to hire Node.js developers, you can read about the hiring process by going to the link.

How Node.js Developers Are Dominating The Market

Before we jump right towards the practices to cater to when you hire a Node.js development team, let’s look at the statistics of dedicated Node.js developers all over the world. This the what the numbers are telling.

There are over 23 million Node.js developers in the world. Right now, about 43% of developers use this powerful application for enterprise applications. Currently, there are 30 million websites that are using some form of Node.js environment.

The reason the Node.js developers market is riding the line is that it has several advantages. For instance, it can help in costs cuttings to 12%. Moreover, 60% of the loading time can be reduced using Node.js. And, yes, the application performance can be increased by up to 50%.

The above-mentioned points are a witness and show that the demand for hiring Node.js developers is increasing day by day.

While you are looking to hire a Node.js app developer, make sure to check what type of skills a Node.js developer should have.

Skills A Node Developer Should Have

In order to hire an experienced Node.js programmer, you have to pay extra attention to the skills. Here are the skills that you need to look for.

Knowledge of Node.js

It goes without saying that if a programmer has no knowledge of advanced Node.js, including API development, there is no point in hiring. Take the time and see how deep the developers have this knowledge. They should be aware of every Node.js feature. To check this one out, you can prepare the questions and ask them when interviewing.

Front-End Skills

The skill of developing a user-interactive front-end is another factor that should be present in the developer. Experience with HTML and CSS3 technology is essential.

Database development Knowledge

While going through the checklist, make sure you have checked the database knowledge point. Node.js developer for hire should be able to co-op with SQL database knowledge and integrate front-end and back-end with the database.


Security is another factor that needs to be taken care of. Node.js developers with cyber security knowledge are significantly in demand because they can create outstanding applications while making sure they don’t have a single point of failure. They should know how to encrypt/decrypt the system and use pen testing to check the vulnerability of the system.

Cloud Computing

Recently, a lot of businesses have switched towards cloud computing and prefer it over traditional hardware solutions. Therefore, the knowledge of cloud computing is a great advantage. A dedicated Node.js developer with cloud knowledge will always have leverage over the ones who don’t possess this skill.

QA/QC testing Knowledge

Lastly, a developer of Node.js should be able to test the projects at the basic level. Developers with such knowledge have the ability to scan and debug the programs without needing a certified tester.

How to Hire Node.js Programmers

Here are some of the simplest yet best practices for hiring Node.js Developers. It will be effective even if you don’t have prior experience in hiring Node.js developers. Let’s see what is there to follow.

Generating a Clear Job Description

The first step towards hiring an excellent Node.js developer is writing a clear job description. List what your business goals are and the technical skills you are looking for. Be sure to be as specific as you can so that you can attract possible candidates.

Realize What Hiring Model Do You Want

There are many ways through which you can hire a Node.js development team. For instance, you can try to go onshore or offshore. Moreover, there is a method of hiring through a freelance platform such as Upwork or Fiver. Just make sure when you are hiring that the candidate meets the requirements.

Get a List of Potential Candidates

Whether it is offshoring firm or nearshoring, freelance or out staffing, it is time to create a list of potential candidates. This list will be based on factors such as experience, pay rate, skills, and roles. Moreover, it will also contain reviews and ratings.

Interview the Listed Candidates

Call each of the candidates on the list and set up an interview. An interview will give a detailed insight into whether the developer is capable or not. Moreover, it will also help the candidates understand what your business goals are.

Hire Away

From the interviewed candidates, you have the option to choose the best one. If you think candidates suites your goals, start the paperwork and hire Node.js programmers.

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