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Six Signs That Your Agency Needs A Management System

Management System: The day-to-day of an advertising agency is usually hectic, with many demands, jobs to be approved, art that goes back and forth for review, and customer service, which is sometimes impacted by their insistence and misunderstanding in some points, among many other situations.

The most recent edition of the Agencies Census points out that only 26.76% of respondents can dedicate themselves exclusively to the management of the advertising agency. The study also reveals that managers are devoted to other activities such as service, planning, financial, administrative, creation, and production.

Most of the time, the manager must take on other tasks and pay attention to the company’s management. Therefore, a management system can be of great help. With it, it is possible to speed up tasks that would take hours, reduce expenses and minimize the chances of error. 

What Is A Management System?

A management system is an intelligent software that optimizes the agency’s activities. As a digital tool, it makes processes simpler, integrated, and efficient.

In other words, a management system transforms the agency’s day-to-day life, making processes more agile and allowing the definition of a much more productive workflow.

With the tool, you can integrate all areas of your agency into a single platform. In other words, it is possible to have a complete view of the processes and monitor the team’s performance, stimulating a collaborative and agile work culture.

Why Use An Agency Management System?

The advertising market is constantly growing; it is estimated that there are 5 to 10 thousand micro-advertising agencies in the country. This number also represents small consulting services, which were transformed and started to act as advertising agencies.

With high competitiveness, investing in technology is the first step towards maintaining the agency’s sustainability and financial health. Even in a more dynamic market, those who need to keep up to date inevitably fall behind.

Therefore, adopting a management system for your agency can significantly help. After all, the software centralizes and automates a series of activities, such as time management, database creation and control, account monitoring, and workflow planning, among many others.


The business world is highly competitive. Therefore, simplifying operations and accessing accurate and up-to-date information is essential for the agency’s success.

Therefore, having an integrated management system allows you to monitor all processes, from the status of projects to the performance of each professional in a campaign or job. 

Among the benefits that the management system offers, the following stand out:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Increased team motivation ;
  • More control and security in data storage;
  • Improved accuracy with real-time data updates.

Six Signs That Indicate It Is Time To Adopt A Management System

Well, as we know, competition in the advertising sector is high, so the agency must look for alternatives to stand out in the market. And, if there are still doubts, check out six warning signs that indicate that this is the ideal time to implement a management system: 

#1 Misaligned And Slow Processes

With the high volume of work, it is essential that the team is aligned and projects are planned in detail and executed quickly and efficiently.

Suppose this is different from the reality of your agency and part of the team wastes a lot of time performing manual tasks. In that case, the result is a delay in delivery, which directly impacts profits and customer satisfaction.

With a management system, it is possible to have more excellent organization regarding delivery times for each customer. This way, the team stays aligned and avoids delays. It is also possible to monitor the productivity of each employee and identify “bottlenecks” that may be hindering the process.

#2 Communication Issues With The Team

Integration is the primary key for any company, especially an advertising agency. This is because integrating processes and the team makes work more dynamic and efficient.

However, this is only possible when communication between the team is established correctly; this process works when there is no noise between employees. 

For example, the advertising service needs to show art for the customer to approve. However, the final artist still needs to send the material, and the deadline is very tight. This means the art will arrive for the client’s first fitting after the agreed date, conveying an image of disorganization to the client.

#3 Difficulties With Planning

Planning is essential for the agency, as it helps organize projects and define deadlines. Thus, both the customer and the team can prepare for deliveries.

However, if the notes are being taken individually by each attendant, the creative team will not know what is desired by the customer and the expected delivery time. As a result, the material can be delivered after the deadline and not please the customer.

The management system makes the process more assertive and reduces the chances of errors, as the data is entered directly into the system, and the entire creative team has access.

#4 Drop In Productivity And Customer Dissatisfaction

Well, as we have seen, the lack of communication and planning directly impacts deliveries, which can leave customers dissatisfied with the work produced by the agency.

When he seeks your company to carry out a campaign, expectations are high, and not meeting them generates a certain disenchantment with the work provided by your agency.

By adopting a management system, the agency gains productivity as the system integrates sectors and people, allows for the automation of tasks, and optimizes the flow of processes. With this, time can be better used, increasing the team’s productivity.

#6 High Costs 

The cash flow presents inconsistencies, and the amount that is coming out is very high; this means a problem with your financial planning. And it can be caused by several reasons, such as lack of correct pricing, small customer portfolio, projects that cause more damage than profits, and even excessive overtime.

With a management system, everything is recorded, so it is much easier to identify what is causing damage and seek alternatives to reverse this problem.

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