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Type Form: Why Is It Essential To Have A Good Form?

Learn how Type form can help you create forms much faster. Your target audience can be empowered through Type form. 

Type Form: What Is It? 

Type form is a platform that creates fast and simplified digital forms. It makes life easier for those who answer and develop them.

Its forms are practical and usual; in this way, it becomes much easier to use them. This platform can have a free or paid version, and this account with more complete means. 

Its differentiable is its agility when assembling the forms; they can be more thoughtful and responsive. There are already several formats available on the platform: tests, quizzes, and voting. 

In addition to the many templates available, it is also possible to create a form from scratch, with the templates available. And you can include images, GIFs, and videos in states. 

Type form was founded in Spain in 2012 by Robert Muñoz and David Okuniev. Nowadays, millions of questionnaires are made using this tool. 

What Are The Features Of Type Form?

Using Type form, on the splash screen or welcome screen, text sizes and descriptions can be customized more straightforwardly. You can also ask mandatory or non-mandatory questions. You can put discursive or multiple answers. 

Another option is the random way that the user sees the different order of each question. The user can also see where he is in the search and even where he left off.

The Type form results, after it is ready, can be shared quickly and easily. It contains a dashboard, possible data visualization and reports. Metrics generated and collected can be broken down to your team. 


Type form, besides being a good tool, also has its disadvantages. This  platform is currently only available in English and Spanish. This makes it difficult for the user and those who create the content. 

Another negative point is the very high value ​​, even in euros, a very valued currency. This weighs on more underdeveloped countries.

How To Create A Type Form

As you already know a little about the plans, we will tell you how to put into practice the creation of a form. In a few steps, you can start creating the free plan itself. 

First Step:

Go to the Type form website to create your account. It is only possible in this modality to create one account per user. Click on “Sign Up” at the top right. You can use your Google account or make a new account with a Microsoft email.

Second Step: 

Afterwards, you need to accept the terms of service and set your preferences via email.

Third Step:

Going through these steps, you have three options: start from scratch, use templates or create a questionnaire with directions. You can select different templates from various categories if you choose the template.

Fourth Step:

In this step, you can choose a template focused on lead generation. It can be for a new form or not. Here you will make all the edits you deem necessary.

Fifth Step:

When you finish editing, click publish at the bottom right. After that, copy the link to share the Type form form. So you can upload to websites and connect to other apps.

Leads Generated 

Generate Leads for your Business; Type form is very good. But you need to know what to do with these contacts after you get them. You can also send personalized notifications according to each user’s response. This also has a large scale and requires a specific tool for this.

A very well-known and valuable Marketing and Sales Automation tool for these cases is RD Station. In it, you will find several plans with different prices that fit your pocket and your company’s.

Now that you know about Type form and its applications in the market, how about putting this tool into practice to bring Leads to your company? Don’t waste time; start creating forms and engaging your users more.

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