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Website Or App: Understand When To Use Each One

Choosing between a website or app is no longer a decision merely linked to the operational aspects of companies but has become a strategic business issue.

Have you ever stopped to think about it? Know that, in part, this change in positioning was due to two new realities brought by the Internet: one that can be considered good and the other bad.

On the one hand, the growth in web use allowed organizations to expand their area of ​​activity significantly. As is known, this led to increased sales, as there is no longer a need for physical points of the business. From another point of view, however, the ease of use of the Internet also allows the consumer to have an immensity of possibilities of choice, which generates great competition in the markets.

To help you choose the best digital presence for your reality, we present some factors to consider when deciding between a website and an app.

Benefits Of Having A Business App

See below some positive points of having an app in the organization for the relationship with the internal and external audiences.

Control Productivity Management

The Internet has allowed remote work to become a reality for most companies. With this, a seller, for example, no longer needs to “unload” all orders only when he returns to the business headquarters at the end of the day. Nowadays, with the use of applications, it is possible to transmit information in real-time and, thus, streamline delivery logistics.

This is just one example of how an app can provide more efficiency for an organization, which helps reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

Improve Internal Communication

Effective communication is crucial for a business to achieve its strategic objectives. Likely, you have already heard reports of business problems that occurred only due to the lack of dialogue or the absence of an exchange of information.

As hierarchical levels, in certain cases, can disturb the flow of communication in a business, using an app for the internal public can be an efficient way to speed up the interaction between sectors and reduce the response time for certain occurrences in the company.

Increase Brand Reach And Consumer Loyalty

You and most people around you may have a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This situation is also frequent among consumers of your business. For this reason, by offering an app to external audiences, the company contributes to increasing the brand’s reach.

By the way, remember that being present on your customer’s cell phone is conquering a space beyond special, as this demonstrates some appreciation of the consumer towards the company; otherwise, he wouldn’t bother to download the app. In addition, with the possibility of sending notifications to the consumer, the organization acts to increase customer loyalty.

Bring Quality To The User Experience With The Brand

Still, regarding the external public, the use of an application can be a way to strengthen the relationship with the customer and, thus, improve his experience with the brand. To get an idea of ​​this, the so-called “digital banks” already offer online account opening through an application. In addition, the service chats in this type of service are quite agile, which customers see as a positive thing.

Advantages Of Having A Website For Business

Check now some pros of keeping a website for your company.

Raise The Visibility Of Products Or Services

The digital point of sale is already a reality for many businesses today. Therefore, when choosing whether to invest in a website or an app, many businesses opt for the website first to have a constant showcase for their goods.

After all, the structure of a website allows products or services to be organized into categories, with a description, photos, videos, reviews, etc. Thus, with a search tool, the customer can find what he is looking for without difficulty and without storing a lot of data on the mobile device itself.

Increase The Sales

Especially for those who are part of B2B commerce, carried out between companies, having a website means a greater probability of increasing sales. This is partly because businesses sometimes use mobile devices to search for a supplier.

From the point of view of the end customer, a website allows for faster price comparison, which tends to provide faster order closing.

Having A Direct Relationship With The Consumer

As many people work with computers daily, sometimes the website is the easiest way to contact the company. After all, search the organization’s name in a search engine to find the business page. Thus, a website can gather all the information about the enterprise’s service channels since the limits for inserting content are greater.

As you can see, an application and a website are useful for running a business. In general, the gain of one over the other is occasional due to the public in question and the use circumstances.

Even so, deciding to “shoot everywhere” can be costly for the business. Therefore, to avoid high costs, the company can hire surveys on the target audience or raise data internally about the customer experience.

For example, if the organization knows the conversion rates in each channel, website, or app type, it can be easier to decide where to invest more resources.

Nowadays, with specialized tools, it is possible to know from which type of device people accessed the company’s content, which operating system they used, which city they connected from, etc. This data, therefore, can be an excellent subsidy for choosing between a website or an app.

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