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What Is IIOT, And What Changes For The Industry?

IIOT: In addition to reducing costs, every company seeks to make its production efficient. Industrial automation has been a reality for a long time and is essential for business.

However, with IIoT ( Industrial Internet of Things ) technology, it is possible to go much further. Through various devices, sensors, and applications, it is possible to connect, collect and transmit data that, in addition to controlling machines, provide data that support management decisions.

To let you know how this industrial revolution can be applied to your business — and how it can be beneficial — follow this article!

What Is It?

The world is experiencing a digital transformation, and the industrial internet of things is part of it. Its purpose is to connect various devices to collect and transmit data. Four essential variables exist for this communication: the devices, the communication between the devices, the data, and the data analysis.

The idea is the same as the Internet of Things used for domestic appliances. However, in the case of the IIoT, the connection is between industrial machines, legacy systems, and other devices related to the world of production. In addition to product manufacturing, it can be applied in facility management, supply chain monitoring, healthcare, and retail sectors.

What Are The Benefits Of This Technology?

For the industry, the use of this technology can provide numerous benefits. So, understand what they are below!

Operational Efficiency

Through IIoT technology, the industry makes better use of its assets, resulting in a reduction in operating costs and a gain in productivity.

An example is the savings with preventive maintenance. With sensors, for example, it is possible to identify equipment failures, machine downtime, etc. This data makes it possible to predict critical situations and respond quickly to avoid further damage.

New Services And Businesses

With the growth of the IIoT, new opportunities for services and businesses that use web-based business models arise. Thus, solutions such as PaaS ( Platform as a Service ), IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service ), or systems such as EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange ) have their data communication more efficient with the use of this technology.

Another example is companies that can use this technology to invest in providing products as services. In this way, the manufacturer delivers a machine to the customer and offers the remote support service (which already exists but is greatly facilitated by the IIoT). In addition, the cost of equipment can be very high, while the amount paid for its use is much more viable for the customer.

Assistance For Decision Making

Another benefit of using IIoT is that it helps in making strategic decisions. The constant monitoring of data in real-time results in a set of analyzes that makes possible a real perception of the production process. As a result, the company can analyze this data to reduce costs and waste.

What Changes In The Industry With IIoT?

The use of IIoT means a new industrial revolution, which is also called Industry 4.0. See below some of the changes it represents.

Quality Control

With this technology, the production process is differentiated — that is, there is greater communication between what is produced and the machine. This way, there is a gain in the product’s final quality since any inconsistencies can be detected during the production process.

Accurate Stocks

Inventory control is also more efficient with sensors, which can verify the need to replace parts. Thus, in addition to accurate inventories, processes, and savings are streamlining, both in employee time when controlling inventory and in avoiding waste due to unnecessary purchases.

The Industrial Internet of Things came to renew the production process. This is a worldwide trend, and companies participating in it will be one step ahead of their competition.

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