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Why Use Cloud Tools For Data Science?

Cloud for Data Science: We live in an increasingly technological world where information is multiplying and changing daily. This means that companies need to increase their processing power to extract content relevant to their business.

For this, they can rely on data science and obtain numerous benefits. Only recently, to contemplate this processing required a high investment in a data center, which was unfeasible for many companies. However, with the growth of cloud computing, this technology is now within everyone’s reach.

Next, we will show the benefits that investing in this technology can provide to companies and how cloud tools are part of them. Follow!

What Is Data Science?

First, it is necessary to understand that data science is a combination that involves mathematics, statistics, and information about the business combined with advanced technologies, such as big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In addition, the data is extracted from several sources, including:

  • structured databases;
  • images;
  • videos;
  • audio;
  • unstructured data.

After extraction, the data is selected and analyzed. Next, they undergo a transformation and mining process to be transformed into useful information for the business. Therefore, it takes the use of advanced tools and algorithms.

What Are The Main Benefits It Provides To Companies?

Customer Loyalty

It is possible to extract data such as customer opinion and satisfaction through behavioral analysis. Information of this type can be obtained from several sources. For example, in comments on social networks, tracking the pages visited by the customer on a website, etc.

Based on this information, the company can draw a consumer profile and prepare strategies to attract and retain customers.


Another significant benefit is the ability to simulate and predict situations in different scenarios. This feature is done through different data analysis techniques.

An example is a predictive analysis, in which current and relevant information are evaluated to predict market behavior. In prescriptive analysis, projections are made about the consequence of a certain action, such as estimating whether a certain product’s launch can be successful.

Smart Decisions

Based on all data processing, the relevant information is produced that is very close to reality. Therefore, they support strategic decision-making in various areas of the business.

Learn Why To Use Cloud Tools

The high volume of data and the large processing capacity demanded by current technologies contribute to the growth of cloud computing. As a result, cloud service providers have become great partners for companies, as their solutions provide agility, security, and flexibility to the business.

With this, companies can invest in inexpensive technologies and infrastructure. They can work on demand to use technological resources and tools as your business needs. This way, they increase their competitive advantages, as they can direct resources and efforts to their main activity.

Anyway, in the face of so many benefits, the number of companies investing in data science is increasing. This is because, to remain competitive, they need to analyze and predict different situations in the market. In addition, cloud computing solutions help optimize all this technology’s needs.

Investing In OpenStack Cloud

In addition to having advanced in its complexity and development, the technology has grown in its market. Resources previously restricted to large companies have become part of people’s daily lives, including small and medium-sized businesses. A good example is OpenStack, a cloud solution with many advantages for the user.

You might already know how useful cloud computing is in running a business. With it, you can facilitate data sharing within the business. It is also possible to decrease costs and improve the organization’s overall performance.

However, this type of resource still faces some barriers to being used in smaller companies with few people dedicated only to  IT processes. At that point, OpenStack promises to make your job easier.

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