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12 Phones With The Best Cameras Of 2023

Smartphones are the device we take everywhere, so we expect their cameras to be extremely dynamic and adaptable to the different situations and places we may encounter throughout the day and want to immortalize or share.

Among the market trends in 2023 for smartphone camera modules are the 200 MP main sensor and hybrid cameras, capable of exercising different photographic modalities such as ultrawide and macro photography on the same sensor. Thinking about all these variables, we decided to list the cell phones with the best cameras in 2023 among different objectives, such as the best selfie camera, video, and optical zoom, among others. 

Phones With The Best Cameras

12th Galaxy A73

In general, the Galaxy A73 has evolved little compared to its predecessor Galaxy A72, but it is precisely in the cameras that the evolutionary leap between generations is most present. The main lens is 108 MP right away, a much better sensor; although it is not the same as the top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra, it is still far superior to most of the main lenses of other premium mid-range devices. 

The selfie lens follows 32 MP and offers quality selfies in places with good light conditions and competent blur. 

11th Realme GT 2 Pro

Realme’s premium device is one of the most original on our list. It has several functions in its camera application that may be optional but offer a good differentiation compared to competitors. 

With a camera mode composed of three sensors, we have a 50 MP main lens, a 50 MP ultra wide lens, and a 2 MP sensor that does macro but also microscopic photos. 

10th Edge 30 Fusion

A premium mid-range handset that positively surprised me last year was the Motorola Edge Fusion. The model has three lenses at the rear, the main one with a 50 MP sensor and balanced records with HDR doing a good job of making colors more intense but without artificiality.

The second camera in the set is a hybrid with 13 MP and works both as an ultrawide lens with 120° of the angle of view and as a macro lens, with the advantage of enjoying a much larger sensor than most dedicated macro lenses with 2 or 5 MP.

9th Xiaomi 12

Observing the camera capacity of the Xiaomi 12, it is easy to place it among the cell phones with the best cameras in 2023, as the optical set of the device delivers more than its specifications can imply.

Starting with the main camera with 50 MP (we know that the number of megapixels is not synonymous with a good camera), but here we have optical image stabilization, and quality night mode, which does not take away the realism of the photos in addition to recording in 8K.

8th Motorola Edge 30 Pro

With very good camera modules, consisting of a pair of 50 MP, the Motorola Edge 30 Pro launched in 2022 remains among the cell phones with the best cameras in 2023, but it still needs to be more to reach the top places.

There are 50 MP in the main camera and 50 MP also in the lens with a hybrid function that works very well both as an ultrawide lens for very wide angles, but also as a macro lens thanks to the autofocus that is also suitable for small distances with many details due to its size and sensor quality. 

7th iPhone 12 Pro

The ability to record videos is one of the great virtues of the iPhone 12 Pro. In addition to generating video files with much more information in 12 bits, the Apple device makes videos already with the formats Dolby Atmos and HDR for better later playback and adding much more information to the created files.

There are three lenses on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, all 12 MP, respectively a wide lens, an ultrawide lens with a 120° angle, and a telephoto lens with up to 2.5x optical zoom. 

6th Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

When faced with a camera with 200 MP on the main lens, it is inevitable to create unrealistic expectations, as the model was the first to have a sensor with such dimensions. However, despite the great numbers, the camera is excellent and consistent with what is expected for a top-of-the-line smartphone.

Still, the user should not expect something unexpected or completely innovative. The camera with a wide sensor can record photos in different light conditions, either with the pixel grouping feature, 12.6 MP, or using the high-resolution mode that records 200 MP. 

5th Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung’s most powerful device in 2022 is still a great one in 2023 and ranks among Samsung’s most powerful devices as well when it comes to its photo and video capabilities.

The device also has a 12 MP ultrawide camera with a 120° angle and two telephoto lenses, the first 10 MP with up to 10x optical zoom, while the second lens has a 12 MP sensor and up to 3x optical lens. The ability to zoom in up to 10x made only by the lens is surprising, resulting in more quality than digital cropping in hybrid zoom.

4th Xiaomi 13 Pro

Xiaomi’s top-of-the-line phones usually have very good cameras. Still, the new Xiaomi 13 Pro goes further in partnership with the renowned camera brand Laica, responsible for the device’s lenses.

Here we have a generous camera module at the rear with a trio of 50 MP sensors, but they are different sensors. The 50 MP main lens features an incredible 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor and ample dimensions for a smartphone sensor. The 50 MP ultra wide camera and a 50 MP telephoto lens complete the set with the same sensor as the Samsung ISOCELL JN1.

3rd iPhone 13 Pro

Apple’s 2022 device has great photography and video features that can please even audiovisual professionals. In addition to the smartphone continuing to shoot in RAW, a file format widely used by photographers because it is purer and easier to manipulate in editing, the iPhone 13 Pro also records in 4K at 30 frames, preserving the details perceived at the time of capturing the images.

2nd Galaxy S23 Ultra

The great differential of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is its 200 MP sensor in the main camera that, in automatic mode, compresses 16 MP in 1. The final balance is great quality photos in any situation of use for those less enthusiastic users who are only concerned with taking their cell phone out of their pocket and having cool photos to post on social media. 

1st iPhone 14 Pro

Apple decided to make some changes to its camera set for the iPhone 14 generation, but in Apple style, without sudden changes. Starting with the main sensor that finally came out of the doldrums of 12 MP for a 48 MP sensor. The new sensor can be used with quad-pixel technology that unites 4 pixels in one or the entire sensor with 48 MP.

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