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Creative Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing

Creative Intelligence: Professionals who work with Digital Marketing are provoked daily to keep up to date on the most important issues within this highly dynamic market.

Changes in APIs, new metrics, and algorithms are just some of the challenges impacting daily work. For example, Apple’s advertiser identifier (IDFA) and the end of cookies already affect how a digital marketing campaign is built today. 

Since an ad’s tripod is creative, budget, and audience, reaching the latter has become more complex as updates have been imposed that have made it difficult to track the target audience.

With compromised targeting, assertiveness is also reduced. Such a scenario imposes adjustments and technical and inventive improvements such as those found in the concept of Creative Intelligence. 

What Is Creative Intelligence?

Creativity has always been associated with advertising and communication strategies. Now, the big news concerns the joint work between humans with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies.

While the tools provide the necessary information for the elaboration of a new campaign, it remains the professional’s role to develop a creative capable of making the action possible, from the beginning (conception) to the end (dissemination). 

The data generated by AIs and Machine Learning allow, in fact, to positively impact the performance of campaigns. This is because they enable large-scale and quality analysis, generating insights so that the necessary adjustments are made in each campaign. In other words, it’s like these tools map the content’s DNA, frame by frame, and point out the strengths and weaknesses. 

Campaign Changes

In general, traffic managers and Digital Marketing professionals have always followed the performance and results of digital campaigns. So, what changes with the insertion of new AIs and Machine Learning?

The answer lies in the results achieved, which can be promising. After all, analyzing these new technologies gathers knowledge from practical experience linked to the emotions and negative and positive reactions of the person impacted by the action. 

To exemplify: in an advertisement for used cars, it is possible to know in which direction the eyes of the public moved during the presentation of a selection of automobiles. If the difference is marked, evaluating a possible parallel action with that specific product is necessary. At this level of detail, new tools emerge to help work with marketing.

Another advantage has helped to understand the dynamics of the different channels where you can act. Although they are virtual, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms are different in language and audience.

Therefore, the action that performs well on one network will not necessarily achieve the same result on the competitor. Creative Intelligence works, in this situation, as a guide for the planning and executing of assertive content and advertisements for each type of audience and objective.

A Digital Presence To Increase Your Competitiveness

From that perspective, it’s practically impossible to think that your home automation company doesn’t even have any digital presence. But, as absurd as it may seem, many businesses have not yet adapted to technology and are not present in this universe. 

Authority And Recognition In Your Area

Gaining authority and recognition within your area of ​​expertise is a massive advantage for any company, and it is clear that your business can reach the level it desires by investing in a digital presence.

Being present in several different communication channels, the chance of you reaching your consumers is much greater, making a constant presence in their daily lives and consequently creating authority and recognition. 

The more digital presence you have, the more your company that works with adhesive labels is seen, known, and commented on by the public, which considerably increases your brand’s image within the market. 

Increased Visibility And Reach

Speaking of visibility, we don’t even need to talk about how much the internet can be a universe full of possibilities for those who want to expand their borders, right?

Through the digital world, it is possible to reach people at a considerable distance, regardless of time or place. It is possible to significantly increase your company’s visibility, presenting it to hundreds and thousands of new people. 

There are no physical limitations within the internet, which significantly increases your competitiveness and provides you with new markets, new people, and a vast world you can present about your work. 

Much More Effective Communication

Nowadays, people are increasingly careful with the relationship built with companies, so communication has become a crucial part of a purchase journey. 

Digital presence allows you to do just that: while your competitors are limited to physical communication or through channels such as the telephone, you can be present in several ways, such as social networks, email, websites, etc., which guarantees a more efficient service. Effective. 

The more places your corporate gifts company is present; the more people will feel confident about making a purchase. The more strong support and service will be during the entire consumer experience. 

Audience Monitoring And Results Control

A digital presence helps you to know a lot better about your audience and your market in general. With it, you can interact with people and learn more about their tastes, preferences, and personal information. 

All this helps you to assemble strategies compatible with the profile of your customers and develop your company aiming precisely at your consumers

In addition, the metrication of results occurs much more simply within the digital world; you can check your sales and have the information in your hand more intuitively and assertively.

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