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What Is The Future Of Digital Transformation In Companies?

Digital Transformation (DT) is a topic that has gained significant relevance within companies and universities. And no wonder: DT has already changed how organizations relate to their customers, employees, and other interest groups.

In this sense, companies and people mediate their relationships through technology, integrating physical and digital environments. In other words, it implies innovation, productivity, and automation.

To give you an idea, the HR industry is already heavily dependent on technology. According to Deloitte data, 56% of organizations are revamping their HR processes to take advantage of digital tools . Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, robotics, and cognitive computing are some examples.

In this sense, we have prepared content for you to know the main trends in Digital Transformation in companies. Thus, you can also promote improvements and outline good strategies for the business. Good reading!

ERP As The Backbone Of Company Innovation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has long been an indispensable tool in organizations. After all, it guarantees the integration of the various sectors, increasing productivity.

With DT, ERP has also become a control center. First, it contributes to embedding intelligence and analytics technologies. Furthermore, it allows data to be structured, helping decision-making.

Along with this, business management systems are increasingly flexible. Even some options allow you to create and customize applications according to the needs of companies.

Increasing Use Of Data In Decision Making

Amid transformations, the market has become more complex. This makes the challenge even more significant but necessary for entrepreneurs and managers who want to build a successful business.

According to research, the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions daily, many of them within companies. Therefore, having access to truthful and well-structured data contributes to the success of companies.

This trend is closely linked to big data. In free translation, it refers to a large volume of stored data. In other words, learning to extract and structure data is necessary, transforming them into information.

Development Of Corporate Universities

The Corporate University (UC) is a company training center that offers distance or face-to-face courses. In this way, it is possible to use technology to keep the team adequately qualified.

However, creating CUs and encouraging distance learning (e-learning) and DT reflexes have contributed to changing the situation.

Encouraging The Systemic Intelligence Of Employees

Digital transformation does not only impact the emergence of technologies and the reformulation of some sectors of the organization. Increasingly, systemic intelligence (IS) is in demand.

Systemic intelligence is about an individual’s ability to see the big picture while understanding the small parts. It differs from Emotional Intelligence and Analytical Intelligence (identified in IQ tests).

For this reason, another trend related to DT is the hiring of professionals with Systemic Intelligence. In addition, implementing programs for its development also ends up gaining ground. Therefore, talents become more adaptable to changes.

Automation Of Processes In Organizations

Automation consists of replacing manual work with machines. The idea is not to change the man but to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of his career with cutting-edge technologies.

Nowadays, there are many possibilities for automation. From email marketing strategy and product stocking to talent screening in the recruitment process: many things can already be done with little or no human interference. This brings greater productivity and lowers costs.

However, automation is still a delicate point, as it carries the fear of the extinction of traditional jobs. On the other hand, it allows different activities to emerge in companies, such as social media managers, data scientists, or drone operators, unthinkable a few years ago.

Service Through Artificial Intelligence Systems

Another major trend related to DT in companies is service through artificial intelligence systems. The chatbot is the first step. Despite operating simply, with a set of previously programmed responses, there are significant advances, and we will soon be able to work with greater autonomy.

Even so, many companies are already reformulating their initial service. Many current attendants are digital robots through social networks or chats on the company’s website. This has a significant impact in terms of innovation and productivity.

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