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CRM Integrated With WhatsApp: Understand The Advantages

CRM with WhatsApp: That the market has been constantly digitized is not news to anyone, and more and more customers are looking to communicate with businesses through the digital channels they use most daily, and WhatsApp is certainly among them. 

Therefore, optimizing this tool to keep customer information always available to the service team is extremely important, and the CRM integrated into WhatsApp is essential for this.

A recent survey developed by the research firm Opinion Box in partnership with the news site Mobile Time shows that 80% of population use WhatsApp daily to communicate with brands.

Whether looking for support, faster service, or buying products and services, we see in everyday life that the app is one of the preferred means of communication.

Therefore, if you work with customer service channels in your business and have not yet considered integrating CRM with WhatsApp, you are certainly letting opportunities pass you by. But it’s always time to optimize the relationship management with your customers in the most popular channels!

What Is A CRM?

First, it is important to understand that CRM is a process of optimizing the relationship between the customer and the company, with “Customer Relationship Management” being the literal meaning of the acronym. 

The main functions of a CRM are to control sales, monitor prospects, facilitate proposal creation processes, and optimize team communication. Therefore, increasingly improving the relationship between a business and its customers. That’s the focus!

And with the use of CRM tools, it is possible to automate essential customer service processes and unify data from an entire database to facilitate and streamline sales and support. That’s why there are custom CRMs for different marketing channels. In this way, always aiming to make customer management more assertive and intelligent.

No wonder the CRM integrated into WhatsApp has been an increasingly appropriate and sought-after feature, mainly by companies that understand this digital channel’s importance for the relationship between the community and the brand.

Why Integrate CRM Into WhatsApp? 

Using a CRM integrated with WhatsApp is the most efficient, fast, and advantageous way to communicate with your customers. Therefore, your business must be prepared with an efficient and optimized customer management tool for this channel!

Learn How A CRM Is Useful In WhatsApp

With WhatsApp Business, it is already possible to enjoy adaptations of the tool necessary for business, such as inserting additional information, service tables, statistical analysis, message automation, and organization by tags. But with a CRM tailored for the platform, much more is possible!

The integration of a CRM with WhatsApp enables an even more effective customer management system, which helps to:

  • Organize customer and lead information, unifying conversation history and database in one place;
  • Build loyalty with the customer base, providing more support, security, and speed of service;
  • Facilitate the submission of proposals and budgets, streamlining negotiations and strengthening relationships;
  • Close more sales, optimizing productivity and boosting billing;
  • Integrate WhatsApp with other platforms and social networks, unifying information from different service channels;
  • Carry out promotional marketing actions, communicating services and products of interest to its customers;
  • Automate conversation flows, enabling a more fluid and personalized service for each situation.

Do you understand how integrating a CRM into a brand’s WhatsApp can optimize processes and improve the quality and speed of calls? So now, just know how to dive into this optimization. Let’s go.

How To Integrate CRM Into WhatsApp?

To adapt your business to a WhatsApp-integrated CRM, you don’t need a lot of technical or technological knowledge; just find a service that brings together everything you need to meet this demand intelligently.

It is even possible to enjoy tools that offer much more than just a CRM integrated with WhatsApp, but integrations combined with several other channels and social media, unifying everything in a single platform.

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