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How Does SEO Work – A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

As the business world in the present day is entering the digital world, certain dos and don’ts help the business to grow and bring in more income. Hence, under the broader umbrella of digital marketing comes SEO marketing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of getting pages and websites to rank higher in the Google search engine. It is the way to get people to visit the website and, in the future, lead to sales and profits.

Additionally, it is modern and natural, exposing the brand to the world. And the more the brand’s visibility increases, the more business it brings to the company.

Sounds interesting, right? Well, when you learn how to SEO optimize your page, it’s just a game of chess, where you have to Magnus Carlsen to increase sales and profit.

Hence, here are a few –

Tips To Learn SEO Step By Step

After reading what I wrote earlier, you must think about How SEO works step by step. Well, here is a guide for you –

Step 1: Keywords Research

First and foremost, you need to do SEO optimization to find the relevant keyword so that when customers type the appropriate word, they can access the website.

For this, you need to research the search engine and find the relevant words you can include in your content. This way, you can rank the page higher in Google Analytics and allow customers to access it.

Further, as per the modern trend, you should use long-tailored keywords, as today, most search engines use voice commands, so customers can easily avail your page.

For example, if a customer writes, “Where to find the best coffee,” and if you apply similar words, then as they type it, your page will pop up. Thus, your page is successfully optimized.

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Step 2: Put The Keywords In The Title

After searching for the relevant keyword, you must add the keyword in the title to ensure that customers can find the page easily.

There is another reason behind what I say: Google and other search engines prioritize the title, as they use it to determine what’s on the page. Thus, keep your title page short, within 65 characters, so that Google can analyze it easily.

Therefore, the keywords will appear on the search engine results page whenever the customer types the keywords.

Step 3: Add keywords In H1 And Meta Descriptions

In the next step, you need to add the keywords in the meta description so that Google and the customer can view what is written on the page. That is why experts suggest keeping the meta description small and crisp while giving an overview of the content.

On the content part, you must add the keyword in the H1 so that Google can know the content. Basically, the H1 is the title of the page. Hence if you count the keywords, then your page will rank higher in Google SERPs.

Step 4: Use The Keyword In The Content

You must write high-quality content after adding the keywords in the H1 and meta description. It should be crisp and align with the topic. Additionally, you must place the keywords naturally in between the content.

Thus, when Google optimizes the content, it can rank the page in the search results.

For this, you must add keywords 10 to 12 times per word count so that people can easily find the page and read them.

Step 5: Building Inbound Links

One of the most important parts of SEO marketing is building inbound links. It allows customers to enter the business website and purchase a product if they want.

Thus, the numbers and quality of links leading to your website are key in Google Analytics, and hence rank your page higher and easier for customers to access.

On the other hand, it will help you generate future leads or even sales, increasing and expanding your profits and sales. Therefore, add quality inbound links to the content and the page.

Do Not Forget To Monitor

Last but not least, after all the hard work you did, it is crucial that you follow up with the work you did. Thus, you should monitor the results, especially traffic on your page.

This will help you to create the strategy and plan for a more comprehensive SEO strategy.

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