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How To Appear On Google: Optimizing To Reach The Top

Appear on Google: Depending on where you look, SEO can be described as anything from the magic that produces a spike in organic traffic to a simple to-do list to complete before publishing content.

Many ignore fundamental aspects of a successful publication on the web, such as the importance of keyword research, title, good promotion, monitoring and other essential points of optimization to appear well positioned on Google or any other search engine. 

It is simple to optimize a post or article so that it is well-ranked by Google and other search engines. This article will show you the best practices and essential points to get there!

Focus On Keywords To Appear On Google

Searching the web always starts with keywords. But, even knowing this, the tendency is to dedicate less time to evaluate which keywords should be worked on.

Good keyword planning will reveal what your consumer is looking for and make all the difference in your content’s quality and quantity of readers.

The best way to get started is to use a keyword research tool such as Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner. Another interesting tool is Google Trends, which shows real-time search trends worldwide.

Once your keywords are chosen, you must find a place for them in your content. You can include them in your page’s URL, title, meta description, and image captions in addition to your written content.

A Well-Written Post Ranks Better

With all these recommendations on optimizing your text, it can be easy to forget that a natural person is looking for a solution when they Google something. Publishing high-quality posts is the best strategy to increase your chances of ranking.

How to write a quality post? Detailed explanations, easy-to-read, organized structure and relevant images. So, make sure your writing is on par with high-quality, optimized content like this:


Some people start reading a post for the conclusion part to determine if the reading will serve their needs. Try to write a conclusion summarizing the most critical points and encouraging readers to read the full article.


Attention here, it’s the first thing your readers will see (unless they’re the ones who jump to conclusions!) The introduction should be compelling and demonstrate authority; readers should see whether your page will give them the answer they are looking for as soon as possible.

Attention To Size

Longer posts rank better in most search positions, so keep yours to at least 1,000 words. The extension makes it easy to give readers what they want by inserting relevant content and well-ranked keywords.

Proper Language

Using big words and industry jargon only sometimes translates into high-quality copy. Writing excellent pieces without alienating readers with a more limited understanding of the subject is possible. opt for informal writing, as if you were talking to the reader, using short paragraphs and respecting an easy-to-read structure.


Many people need to read every line in a post. Instead, they only look at headings to determine whether the entire text is worth reading. Headings provide structure and allow people and Google to quickly determine what your text is about and whether it delivers the information it promises.

Title Choice

An excellent title makes your content more relevant to the search, being an essential component of optimization. Plus, the title encourages readers to click on your article when they find it in search engines.

Whichever style you choose, a good title should follow more or less the following steps:

  • Use between 55 and 60 characters so that it is displayed without cuts on Google and the like;
  • Put your desired keyword (but not too much);
  • Include a precise explanation of the information that is contained in the article.


A picture is worth a thousand words… so put at least one picture in every post, and don’t forget to optimize the images:

  • Correctly rename the images by inserting the keywords (ex: social-networks-for-small-businesses.jpg);
  • Insert the ALT tag (alternative text in WordPress); if your image does not open, it will be replaced by this text indicating what it refers to. Additionally, this information can be used for Google Images to index the image;


When appearing in rankings, having a large number of links is crucial. After all, it sends a crystal clear message to Google that your material is excellent and worth sharing.

We have two situations regarding link building: an internal link connects one of your posts to another, and a backlink occurs when someone else shares a link to your website. It would help if you tried to use posts that rank higher to link to those you want to see grow.

The URLs

The structure of your URLs affects SEO. With an effective URL structure, ranking highly on Google is easier. Visitors themselves would need help navigating your site or even finding your material. The URL is the perfect place to make your keyword shine, too, clearly, without variables.

SEO Plugins

For those who use the WordPress content manager (if you don’t, you don’t know what you’re missing), there are plugins like Yoast, which facilitate and help a lot in some SEO activities such as title optimization, description, keyword analysis and how to write the article in a search engine friendly way.

Disclose The Content

Now that the content is written, optimized, and has a great title, it’s time to draw attention to it and spread it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social network where your target audience is.

It should be placed on each social network with a note or callout to encourage readers to read and share. The more people share your content, the better your chances of ranking well on Google.


Track, monitor and measure results and indicators. Track each article concerning the date, visitors, comments and links. With this information, you will be able to carry out an interesting analysis, such as, for example, separating the posts by their success and determining which title had the best performance or on which date the post had the most repercussions, and so on.

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