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Facebook Business Manager: How To Use The Manager

Creating content for Facebook and Instagram takes time and a lot of planning. Several tools are available to make this busy day-to-day easier, including Facebook Business Manager.

What Is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager, also known as Facebook Business Manager, is a free platform created to help build content and manage pages, both on Facebook itself and on Instagram, both social networks belonging to the same group.

 The platform has several internal tools to help manage the business and resources specifically aimed at creating and distributing content.

Why Have A Manager Account?

The platform allows you to monitor your team’s production in a single place. It is an excellent feature for those who manage multiple accounts since it is possible to switch views between them quickly. 

In addition, the usability of Facebook Business Manager is excellent and allows even people unfamiliar with the service to use it for the first time. Throughout the pages, there is an explanation of how each feature works. In addition, the support site is very complete.

Facebook And Instagram In One Place

As we said, you can manage both social networks using a single platform. In addition to bringing practicality to your day-to-day life, allowing you to keep your publication calendar more organized and compare the performance of posts between networks.

Data Analysis And Insight Generation

One of the tools available in Business Manager is the Insights tab, where you can consult the metrics that your account obtained on each platform during the selected period. This data will already appear in graphs, and on the same page, you can view the metrics of your Instagram profile and your Facebook page, allowing you to understand the individual and comparative performance between them quickly.

This can yield valuable insights, which is the point, as the future’s name suggests. For example, you made the same post on both networks simultaneously and in format, but it performed twice as well on Instagram as on Facebook. The question that arises is, “Why? Is the audience for that content more active on Instagram? Does the posting time have to be different on each network?

With a single result, it will not be possible to identify whether your hypotheses are correct. Still, you can verify patterns and obtain these answers by analyzing a data set. 

Another interesting comparison is between age group and gender in each network. Are you talking to similar people on both networks, or is your audience different? If your audience differs, is it necessary to adapt your content?

These and other questions can allow you to redefine your strategy to achieve better results for your goals. And if you want, you can still do a more profound analysis. Export the data to a spreadsheet tool such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Creation And Publication

Facebook Business Manager also has a resource that can prepare your publications. You upload an image built into a creative program, adjust the captions through the Business Manager itself, and you can schedule your post for the day and time you want. The same logic works for videos or even stories.

If you want to schedule your post, it will appear on your calendar within the platform and be published on the stipulated date. This is a great way to get organized, knowing what content has already been produced and which days have already been filled.

Another feature available is the “Publish test”, which allows you to create variations of the same content, changing some elements and releasing them simultaneously. The platform will compare each publication’s engagement results to show which gave the most results. This is a great way to understand your audience’s reception better and refine your communication’s details.

And if you do lives, there is also a specific part for this within Facebook Business Manager called the “Live Panel”. It is mainly aimed at game streaming, but it is worth studying the possibility of adapting it to your context. In this tab, you can customize the settings for your broadcast, run tests and view engagement metrics from previous lives. This part has a gamification area, where you complete achievements as you perform actions to create your first life, making learning more straightforward and more fun.

Boosted Posts

“Boosted Posts” is the name Facebook gives to refer to paid traffic, that is, ads. To create your ad or boost existing content, use the manager. But be careful: unlike other resources, this one will require you to spend some money.

For free, you can create your ad and save it until you publish it. However, you must pay for your content to appear in that segment from publication. 

Ads are not available automatically, and Facebook Business Manager must request an analysis of your page to authorize the creation of ads. If you intend to invest in this shortly, hurry up and request this analysis.

Lead Generation

Another exciting feature that the platform offers is lead generation. When a person clicks on an active ad, a form will appear with the registered information (name, e-mail and telephone) and the question of the person who wants to send this data to the advertiser to learn more about the product or service. All this is on the same page and in a practical way, which reduces the probability of the user giving up requesting more information.

If he clicks to send the data, these are added to a register available to the owner of the page and the people on his team with whom he decides to share. This record can also be exported to a CRM tool if you already use it, thus allowing a better understanding of your lead base.

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