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Galaxy A Or Galaxy M: Which Is The Best Samsung Line?

Galaxy A or Galaxy M: The catalog of Samsung smartphones is so broad that the brand can have two similar smartphone lines.

At the time, the Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines were very different, with the Galaxy A family consisting of devices ranging from basic to premium intermediate. At the same time, the Galaxy M line housed entry-level devices that also reached the high end.

More advanced intermediates. In 2023, the difference between the two lines is slight, to the point that it is difficult to identify the exclusive characteristics of each one. Still, we face the challenge of determining which family of Samsung devices to choose between Galaxy A or Galaxy M. 

To help you choose, we analyze the characteristics of the devices in each line in the following pillars: design, screen, performance, cameras, battery, and cost-effectiveness. It is worth remembering that this is an analysis of what we find on average in the devices of each line, so it does not work as a rule to compare the different devices of the two lines.

It is also necessary to highlight that Samsung may change the line’s proposal according to its commercial strategies, and the points analyzed in 2023 may need to be clarified in future generations of the two lines.


Design is the first point of analysis, and we have already started with a complex dispute since the most recent devices of the two lines, such as the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy M54, have a look that is strongly inspired by the recent Galaxy S23 line, mainly in the part of the rear cameras. However, some details indicate that the Galaxy A line has a slightly more elaborate construction proposal, with a glass rear, while the Galaxy A54 has a plastic rear cover. Otherwise, everything is very close, with a notch centered at the top of the screen but separated from the edge. 

New devices from the Galaxy M line can change this perception and reach the market with more sophisticated construction, but the Galaxy A line has the advantage. 


Samsung was one of the first brands available to provide screens with technologies, such as Super AMOLED, in devices in categories below the top of the line, as with models from the Galaxy A and M lines. Screens between the two lines are now commonplace, and the main features, such as high brightness, Full HD resolution, and even a refresh rate greater than 60 Hz, are already easily found on the screens of devices on both lines, especially the most recent ones. , so we have a tie.


Here we can also see a minimal distance; after all, both models of the Galaxy A line and the Galaxy M line have options ranging from entry-level intermediary through conventional intermediate devices, and even those models that even have some smartphone specifications top of the line, but which in general are smartphones one step below, the premium intermediaries. 

To exemplify, the most powerful devices in the Galaxy A and M line currently, which are the Galaxy A54 and M54, have the same processor, the Exynos 1380, and versions of 6 or 8 GB of RAM and internal space of 128GB or 256 GB, resulting in devices for all types of use. 

Even so, due to the range of very compact devices, we have a tie if we consider the firepower of the devices about what is perceptible to the eyes during use.


Regarding cameras, some models from both lines walked side by side with similar configurations. In previous generations, as in disputes between Galaxy A22 and M22, both achieved virtually the same results. As the Galaxy A line has already received the 2023 devices, Galaxy A14, A24, and A54, and maintained a similar camera standard, the Galaxy M line still only has the M14 and M54 as devices launched this year. Observing the history of the two lines and the current changes, we reached a tie, as some specifications, such as 108 MP cameras that were once exclusive to devices in the Galaxy A line, can also be found in models of the Galaxy M line, such as the M54. 


There needs to be more discussion, as the Galaxy M line has already broken the record for the most giant batteries available. The first was with the Galaxy M31, a pioneer with its 6,000 mAh battery. Not happy, Samsung brought the Galaxy M62 to the country a year later with an incredible 7,000 mAh battery, still one of the devices with the largest battery on the market

Currently, the Galaxy M54 proves competent, with a 6,000 mAh battery. In the Galaxy A line, the battery is included. However, it is also not surprising and is in line with what we find in most smartphones in 2022, in the range of 5,000 mAh.

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