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Digital Security Challenges With The Internet Of Things

Digital Security Challenges with Internet of Things: When the Internet became popular for business and home use in the mid-1990s, few enthusiasts thought it would reach the heights it has today in society.

We currently use the Internet for most of our daily activities, whether for work or leisure. The tendency is for this to become more pronounced in the coming years, as the Internet of Things will make the technology even more embedded in our daily lives.

This phenomenon, however, will also make companies face new challenges in terms of security, and that is what this post is about. Follow us and understand what the Internet of Things is, the IT area’s main challenges with this new reality and how it interferes with digital security. Follow!

What Is The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things, also known by the acronym IoT, which means Internet of Things, represents objects connected to the Internet. These are refrigerators, watches, radio and TV sets, furniture and even clothes connected to the web.

Writer Martha Gabriel, in the book Me, you and the Robots: a small manual of the digital world, comments that the rise of the Internet of Things has generated a hybrid human being, that is, who is online and offline at the same time.

For the scholar of the technological universe, people no longer need to separate their life in physical environments from their digital life, as was the case until recently, when it was necessary to sit in front of a computer and log in to connect to the Internet.

Today, everything is connected, and people are changing their behavior because of new technologies, especially with the Internet of Things. However, how does all this impact the business environment? This is what we will explain in the next topic.

How Does The Internet Of Things Reflect On The Digital Security Of Companies?

Companies, especially in their information technology (IT) sector, must be aware of the digital security problems that the Internet of Things has brought. See below some points that deserve attention.

Insecurity In Access Interfaces

When we deal with problems generated by IoT, one of the main ones concerns the insecurity of access interfaces. This is because security cameras, smart TVs, and other unconventional devices connected to the Internet can be invaded more easily than computers, servers and data centers.

Loss Of Privacy

When not properly configured, IoT devices can cause major problems for companies. This happens because organizations use smart TVs for meetings, have security cameras, etc.

In addition, it is common for employees to use their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, connected to the company’s Wi-Fi network.

All this makes it easier for hackers to invade the company’s computers and discover their operating system access passwords, for example.

Data Theft

Data theft is directly associated with loss of privacy because, with access to passwords and addresses, hackers or malicious persons may gain access to confidential information.

This can cause the company to lose relevant information, such as prototypes of new projects, employee information, registered data of customers and suppliers, etc.

What Are The Main Challenges Of The IT Area With The Internet Of Things?

As you can see, the Internet of Things has brought many positive points to companies, such as dynamism in activities and work optimization. However, problems related to digital security also emerged.

This has meant that companies’ IT areas must consider alternatives for a more secure infrastructure. In this way, it will be possible to enjoy the benefits of IoT without being so exposed to risks.

Observe, below, some practices that companies must consider when we talk about security with the Internet of Things.

Use Of Complex Passwords

Software companies need complex passwords so malicious people cannot easily identify them.

Employees who use the company’s Wi-Fi networks to connect personal devices must also be instructed to put complex passwords in their applications.

Network Monitoring

It is necessary to constantly monitor the entire network infrastructure and thus identify possible failures or intruders.

Hidden Wi-Fi Network Creation

Another action that can be developed is creating a hidden Wi-Fi network to connect IoT-type equipment. Thus, isolated from the rest of the infrastructure, data is more difficult to lose.

Implementation Of Firewall Systems

Firewall systems control data traffic on a network so that only authorized information can be transmitted and received. This increases security which is why using it is highly recommended.

Encryption Adoption

It is also interesting that encryption is adopted for storing data collected by devices connected to the Internet. This will make transfers occur more securely.

Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things has revolutionized society as a whole, and this tends to be even more evident in the future.

However, as we highlighted, it also made digital security more vulnerable. Therefore, be sure to take our tips into account and thus ensure that your company does not suffer any damage or invasion.

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