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Enterprise Search: 3 Characteristics That Solutions Should Offer

There can never be too much information – at least that’s the theory. However, because of the increasing flood of information, companies are now often asking themselves how to deal with the flood of data to filter out important information, which are three properties Enterprise Search should offer.

Many companies have long since lost track of their databases, and employees can no longer find what they are looking for. An enterprise search is the right solution for these cases and should have the following three characteristics:

Personalization At Enterprise Search

Dedicated solutions for enterprise search offer the possibility of fine-grained personalization of search filters and results for specific tasks. This way, employees can find the information at the top of the hit list that is important for their work context. Companies can generally adapt such solutions to their requirements and configure the same product as a lean search anchored in the intranet, as a functional user interface with a knowledge graph for knowledge workers, or as an information cockpit for purchasing.

Easy Data Integration

Companies are not only dependent on internal but also on external sources. Properly implemented, enterprise search solutions offer seamless search results from all connected data sources – from your data servers and cloud storage to publicly accessible online portals. They also enable alerting that automatically informs employees about news or market changes, for example.

Artificial Intelligence In Enterprise Search

Managing large amounts of data makes it easier for companies to tag their files with metadata. For example, they contain additional information on authors, subject areas, respective content categories, security levels, deletion periods, personal data, or compliance-relevant parameters. However, supplementing them is a tedious task, especially in the case of extensive data sets. An enterprise search solution takes this burden off companies’ shoulders with the help of artificial intelligence. It can automatically enrich billions of documents with metadata, classify them by topic and thus significantly increase the quality of the data treasure. Accordingly, this so-called enrichment ensures substantially better search results.

“There is never too much information – it just stays unused far too often” “Companies should therefore not see a burden in a large data store but rather ask themselves how they can use it can derive the greatest possible value for their business model. This works best with enterprise search solutions. They help companies extract exactly the information they need from a gigantic database. They are the magnet for the needle in the haystack, so to speak.”

IntraFind Software AG is a solution provider for enterprise search and artificial intelligence with headquarters in Munich. With its solutions, the software company has been helping organizations of all sizes to search, link, and analyze their structured and unstructured data for over 20 years, regardless of the source in which they are stored. IntraFind relies on AI and machine learning methods and natural language processing to do this. The technologies enable relevant search and analysis results from large databases and the automation and digitization of document-based processes. 

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