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Google Ratings: 4 Tips To Get Companies Better Rated

Google Ratings: Positive Google reviews on the Internet are of enormous importance for both small business owners and corporations. After all, they strengthen a company’s image and contribute to greater credibility. An estimated 87 percent of all consumers trust Google reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and acquaintances. The tips below will help businesses get better reviews.

Google Ratings: The Importance Of Good Google Ratings In Search Queries

Google ratings have a significant impact on a company’s ranking factor. Even young entrepreneurs should value good Google ratings after setting up a company. These increase visibility in the long term – also at the local level – and ensure numerous website visitors. Those who trust Rich Snippets can even receive star ratings at the product level and thus increase sales. Why one’s reputation stands and falls with the ratings is obvious: Many Internet customers use current ratings and assess the trustworthiness of a company based on these ratings. Thus, positive and negative customer experiences are important influencing factors in building a trusting relationship. Consequently, it is worth striving to get as many positive and authentic Google reviews as possible.

Conversely, companies shouldn’t necessarily be afraid of negative reviews. There will always be voices that do not sound positive or not sufficiently positive among several hundred reviews. Companies can help their luck here by buying Google reviews online. But in the end, it should also be about dealing with negative reviews correctly.

Four Promising Tips For Better Google Ratings

The key to success is good reviews that remain up-to-date and make your own company attractive. With the help of the following tips, companies can generate more meaningful Google reviews faster and better.

Asking Customers Directly For A Review

At the beginning of every evaluation, there is a business relationship with the customer. If this is satisfactory, it makes sense to ask for an assessment directly. Many customers are more than happy to share their positive experiences with others when they kindly ask. The easiest way to request a review is through written email correspondence. In this conversation, a company should address its customers personally by name and express its appreciation. In addition to being adequately phrased, the text should make it clear why the Google ratings are essential. Since very few customers like to search, a link to their website or a user-defined Google rating link can be sent directly.

Tip: It can be worthwhile to “follow up” with the customer several times. This means, for example, occasionally asking regular customers for a Google rating. However, it is important to proceed cautiously. While some customers like to rate every purchase, others generally do not want to write reviews.

Respond Promptly And Quickly To Current Reviews

Customers also have certain expectations associated with an evaluation. Companies can do justice to these by responding to customer needs. In the case of a Google review, this means a timely response that refers to proper reputation management. The feedback should be inviting and friendly but not contain standardized phrases. Instead, it pays to address the specific aspects of the individual experience and write personal feedback. If the evaluation is positive, the good points can be reinforced in the answer. On occasion, it can also be helpful to refer to new services or products discreetly.

Handle negative reviews with confidence

Excellent service does not automatically protect against negative reviews. It is essential to deal with these correctly in the worst-case scenario. Companies achieve this by reacting promptly and confidently to negative statements from customers. Most customers leave a bad review because they are disappointed and dissatisfied with the service. In this case, an entrepreneur would do well to react quickly and avoid overly emotional approaches.

It is better to apologize and find out the cause of the problem. Most customers are already helped if an open discussion and a prompt solution are offered. Frequently, the issue can be resolved with a simple answer, for example, by companies offering a price reduction or a free refund. This goodwill diminishes profits, but it can cause an unsatisfied customer to reconsider the negative rating.

Take Action Against Inadmissible Evaluations

In addition to the authentic, negative reviews, some are not legally permitted. This includes all those with abusive criticism, defamation, or insults. Companies do not have to put up with reputation-damaging content that is evidence of revenge and resentment. Instead, it is advisable to take consistent action against this type of infringement on the Internet. Businesses achieve this by requesting Google to delete the review.

To do this, it is first necessary to take a screenshot of the rating. Google then needs a description of the situation and a reason why the content should be removed. An employee then checks whether the evaluation is objectionable or not. This process can take several days to weeks. In principle, the application has a chance of success if the assessment fulfills one or more of the following criteria:

  • The review contains spam or has been spoofed so that the content does not match the customer’s experience.
  • Ratings that attack personal rights are also not permitted.
  • Google also takes action against copyright infringing, discriminatory, or promotional reviews.

Tip: Unfair reviews should be removed as soon as possible so as not to lose trust. It can, therefore, sometimes be helpful for companies to seek solid legal counsel. Often a faster deletion can be affected in an urgent procedure. Damage claims can also be asserted against the platform under certain circumstances. The faster the inadmissible rating disappears, the lower the harmful effects remain.


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