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How To Do Lead Generation With Facebook?

The advantages and tools for making lead generation with Facebook are explained step by step.

Suppose it is true that the virtual world we like best is that of Instagram, with all its images and videos. In that case, it is also true that a social network like Facebook always has something to say and offer, especially when it comes to business.

Although many people have migrated to Instagram in recent years, Facebook is still a widely used platform, and, in many cases, it is also the most suitable choice for marketing.

An example? Facebook is an invaluable tool for lead generation.

Lead Generation: What Is It, And How To Do It?  

Lead generation is a marketing activity that allows you to collect contacts from potential customers interested in your company’s products. 

In short, it is a data collection marketing strategy.

First, you need to attract users to your Facebook page.

How? Through specific tools, users can leave their data in exchange for something.

Attention, these data are donated spontaneously by people, and through this mechanism, all you do is decrypt and store them for use when you have to start a marketing campaign. 

One way you can derive the data of a prospective buyer is the lead magnet. 

What Is The Lead Magnet?   

The lead magnet can be an e-book, a pdf, a downloadable video, or any other valuable content, freely downloadable in exchange for user data.

Therefore, the user is asked to leave some data (usually name, email, and telephone number) through a contact form in exchange for the downloadable content. 

Another example of a lead magnet is the subscription to the website newsletter, whereby emails are periodically sent with exciting content for the user in exchange for his email.

But you could also use questionnaires or surveys.

Before creating the lead magnet that’s right for you, evaluate your target audience: age, interests, gender, geographic location … so you can structure something targeted.

What Are The Advantages Of Doing Lead Generation With Facebook? 

Lead generation with Facebook is the most productive way to select potential customers. 

Let’s see together why:

  • unlike Instagram, Facebook allows a more personal, more in-depth, and heterogeneous interaction;
  • On Facebook, you are not obliged to organize photos according to precise rules because you do not communicate only with those. Indeed, you can express yourself by editing facebook videos, gifs, links, posts, and various information;
  • Facebook allows you to trigger meaningful discussions, personal or public;
  • If on Instagram, the main element is a disruptive competition, Facebook has remained a social within human reach. The communicative exchange between people is still the most critical datum;
  • Facebook already has most of the data you need.

Lead generation with Facebook means being able to address only those contacts who may be interested in your brand. 

In short, you can speak to your future customers. And it was not cheap. Remember that making space on the web and targeting a specific niche are fundamental actions to be able to sell.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

To create a data collection with Facebook, you have an ad hoc tool available: Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook’s paid advertising platform, a specific but simple device.

Let’s start with a consideration: most of the turnout on the web comes from mobile devices, and when we are on the cell phone, we have even less patience than on the computer. 

This means that a form with application difficulties will be discarded immediately, and you could risk losing the user. 

The Facebook tool allows you to create a simple, fast, and effective form.

And since Facebook already has the data of your customers, the form will be pre-filled, and they will have to press send.

However, you must have a company, Facebook Page, to use this tool. But let’s see in detail how to create a data collection campaign.

How To Use Facebook Lead Ads?

You have 2 ways to take advantage of this tool. Follow our instructions, and it will be easier done than said.

Use Your Facebook Page

  • The fastest way to create a contact collection form is to select the entry: Publishing tools → Ad Forms for Lead Acquisition.
  • Click on: Create – New module and follow the wizard. 
  • The most crucial part concerns the link to the privacy policy.
  • Once the form has been created, go to Publishing tools and refer to the state you began to get an idea of the data collection.

Use Facebook For Business

  • Go to the page and click on: Create an ad.
  • You will find yourself on the Ads Management page. On the left, there is a menu in which the first item, Campaign – objective, corresponds to the step you are taking. 
  • In the center, there are three columns: Notoriety – Consideration – Conversion. What you are interested in is Consideration: click on Generating leads.
  • Now go to the second menu item on the left: Ad Group.
  • Here you can define the details of the ad, which are also the most critical aspect of your campaign: the audience you are targeting, the geographic area (you can choose several), age, gender, and language. Finally, the budget.
  • Then move on to the third item: Insertion.
  • Create the actual post, where you can insert the reference image and the text for your advertisement.
  • Finally, move on to filling out the form, where you will decide how it will be structured. In the form, you can choose all the information to request; you should select a few and target what interests you. 

What Data To Ask For Lead Generation?

Many information can be collected: from the simplest, such as name, surname, and address, to the most personal, such as information on marital and employment status

To these, you can also add three open-ended questions. We advise you not to overdo the requests; the danger is to annoy the user and make his escape. 

Knowing your audience is the first step to a successful marketing strategy. It is not essential to have a lot of traffic if it is not quality. 

To create an active and interested user in a world as vast as that of the web, you need to use every tool.

You can also do lead generation with Facebook and collect contacts from users potentially interested in your product.

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