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How To Remarket On Facebook?

Remarket on Facebook: For this, we have prepared a practical and straightforward step-by-step so that you can make the most of this targeted advertising strategy.

Understand Visitor Behavior

In case you didn’t know, we need to tell you: most of your company’s website visitors don’t convert on their first visit.

This means they do not become potential customers (leads) of your business since the final decision goes through the purchase journey, which has the following stages: learning, discovery, consideration, and determination.

Therefore, understanding visitors’ behavior becomes essential to achieve the highest number of conversions.

An excellent example is evaluating all the pages accessed on your site and the time spent on each of them, in addition to the abandonment rate.

The user has likely accessed a product page on your website without completing any purchases, as they are in one of the above stages other than the purchase decision.

For these visitors, a well-structured remarketing campaign is entirely valid to bring attention to those products again at some other time.

Be Objective In Your Actions

The first step to knowing how to remarket on Facebook is considering the superior products in your company.

Therefore, our tip is for you to be as objective and specific as possible to ensure a higher conversion rate.

Another essential tip is not to create a remarketing campaign just for users who have visited your site because you end up not knowing what their interests are.

Customize The Ads

Focus on the following actions:

  • Specific pages;
  • Targeted ads;
  • Determined periods.

These three actions ensure a fundamental understanding of how to remarket on Facebook, as visitors will have a feeling of product exclusivity.

It is worth remembering that, when customizing your ads, it is necessary to leave aside those users who have already purchased on your site to avoid any discomfort due to coming across an ad that has already been seen or a product that has already been purchased. The goal is to attract and convert new customers, not to be boring and repetitive.

Keep Your Ads Up To Date

You’ve probably already clicked on an ad on Facebook and, when you entered the company’s website, saw that the product was unavailable or that the offer no longer existed.

This is highly unpleasant to the potential buyer and for you, the ad owner, as there is wasted investment in the platform, and the brand risks being negatively tarnished.

For this reason, we always recommend establishing the start and end date of the advertisement to avoid any problem related to the availability of the goods.

Locate Potential Buyers With The Same Profile

For those who want to advertise on Facebook Ads – Facebook’s ad platform – it is essential to know your business persona.

It is enough to understand your company’s website visitors to create an audience so that the social network can locate potential buyers according to their similar profiles and mutual interests.

From there, it will be much simpler to know how to remarket on Facebook and link this strategy to others aimed at the same consumer profile as your business.

Don’t Leave Remarketing To Your Followers For Later

Let’s put a subject on the table: organic ads created directly on the Facebook page have less reach. Therefore, paying for ads is essential for you to reach as many people as possible and, in a targeted way, focus on your target audience.

But will I need to pay to target ads to my fan page followers? This is a ubiquitous question that deserves a clear answer.

If we analyze it, all the people who follow your Facebook page already know ​​what your company is about.

This means that such users are no longer in the phase of learning and discovering your brand; perhaps they are already in the stage of consideration and decision to purchase the product.

Therefore, creating paid ads for followers is essential for businesses with recurring sales, such as e-commerce. Hence, you maximize the chances of converting even more customers through remarketing.

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