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How To Set Up Your Own Webinar

If you are struggling with reaching wider audiences and engaging your audience with more compelling content, we have got a solution for you that you should certainly consider. Regardless of whether you are a small or medium-sized business or a large corporation, leveraging this tool as part of your marketing strategy will surely lead to positive results.

The solution: webinars.

But first, let us explore how to set up your own webinar, so don’t stop reading!

Understand what a webinar is

Before we get started, if you are thinking, “What is a webinar?”, then it is important that you first understand its meaning and purpose! A webinar is simply an online seminar, usually in the form of a live virtual seminar. This means that all you actually need to host a webinar is a good internet connection and your laptop – anyone from anywhere with an invitation link to the webinar can join, making it a wonderful marketing tool to improve global audience reach.

Using a webinar platform

For a successful webinar, it is suggested that you use a dedicated webinar platform which has all of the features and software that you need to host a webinar from your computer or laptop. With a webinar platform, you can easily host webinars at your own convenience!

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Having the right equipment

Make sure that before your webinar event, you have the appropriate equipment that is needed for the webinar itself. This is especially crucial if you would like the output of your webinar to be of high quality, impressing your audience – no one wants to be watching a grainy webinar with audio that keeps cutting off! So, ensure that you have a good quality microphone, camera (HD preferably), and a laptop or computer that has adequate connection to the internet.

Preparing your presentation

Planning what you are going to say, particularly writing a script or talking points, is definitely a good idea when it comes to setting up your own webinar. Producing a slideshow presentation to go along with your discussion is also something that you should consider as a creative and interesting slideshow can help keep your audience engaged with the webinar.

Save the date!

Now that you have your equipment ready, you should think about the optimum times and dates to host your webinar. Keep in mind that if you are trying to engage a global audience, you need to take into account the different time zones and what time is the best for all of your targeted time zones. After planning the date and time of your webinar, you can proceed with sending out invitations to the event to your existing audience – this can be done through email, for instance.

Promoting the event

Whilst you may have sent invitations out to your existing audience, it is also important to promote your webinar event to encourage more people to attend. Statistics show that around 40% – 50% of registrants actually attend the webinar, so the more people that you are able to intrigue and convince to register for the webinar, the better your actual turnout may be.

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