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Is Creating A Website Still Worth It And Brings Benefits?

With so many ways to sell online, having your website may seem like something other than having your website. However, it is the most important element of a digital business. Understand the reasons: 

Business Card 

The website is more than just a sales place. It is the aggregator of all your pages. A place that the user visits to learn more about the company’s mission and values.  

When creating a website, you will put the story (“About Us”) and portfolio of products and services. It tells a little about what the company does, the people behind it, and its e-commerce. Your website is your company’s virtual business card. 

Social Media 

The presentation is not limited to the institutional part. When creating a website, you also have the opportunity to place a contact section and, of course, your social networks — channels in which the potential customer can speak directly with your company. 

Another interesting factor is that the union of social networks with the website generates even more shopping opportunities. In addition to serving as a showcase for your products and services, Instagram also has a button called Buy Now. In him. the user knows the price and, in addition, goes to the purchase page. In addition, stories also allow you to link. This makes it easy to convert a visitor into a customer. 


Creating your website conveys much more professionalism to the customer. That’s because it can put SSL/TLS certificates in the URL. In addition to other seals that guarantee data protection. In addition, he can check the CNPJ, the state registration, and the address of the headquarters. 

It’s much easier to trust when you create a custom safety net. 

Another important factor is when creating ads for Google Ads. It can take customers to social media, WhatsApp, and even phone links. But the use of a website makes the consumer more relaxed. 

Just A Peek 

Have you ever seen those Instagram pages that show lots of interesting products, but when you ask the price, the person says they’ll reply in the DM? Other shopkeepers also only use WhatsApp to make purchases. That is, you have to say the product’s name and send the print of what you want to buy so you can know the price. 

For most customers, this discourages them from buying because they are often just looking at the product. When creating a website, you already enter the price of the products and specifications that show why it has that value.  

Secure Payment Methods 

Creating a website also offers different payment methods for the customer. You can add credit options with up to two cards, bank slips, digital wallets, and even PIX – many shopkeepers usually offer a discount for this option. 


Creating a website also allows the customer different ways of contacting your company. In addition to social networks, you can insert a Contact Us section with a box for the user to write their message and an email address and contact telephone number.  

It is important, of course, that these messages are answered. Quick return always shows credibility and concern for the customer.

Different Strategies 

Using only one digital marketing strategy limits your reach too much. After all, there are several sales opportunities available on the Internet. When you summarize your sales only to WhatsApp, for example, you limit the niche of customers too much and stop advertising to people needing your product or service. 

There Is No Free Lunch

Many shopkeepers only invest in social networks or marketplaces because they are free options. However, it is already known that they need to offer the desired reach precisely, so you feel obliged to invest in paid publications. 

The same goes for the marketplace: small merchants can need help appearing in search engines and ad boosting to increase their popularity. There are also other fees that these platforms charge when a sale is made. 

Creating ads is not a problem. On the contrary: social networks help bring your pages to people with a similar profile to your ideal client. The problem is when they must show their content precisely to those who already follow their store since the algorithm needs to show it organically. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in your content. On the contrary: good posts and high-frequency increase engagement, which makes your profile appear to many more people. But rely on something other than social media and the marketplace to promote your work. 

Single Space 

Many shopkeepers invested only in a social network, and suddenly, sales collapsed due to the platform’s decline in popularity. Furthermore, the network itself may decide that you have broken the rules and delete your profile without much explanation — this, unfortunately, has happened to many traders and influencers. 

Again, it is necessary to understand that social networks and marketplaces are great allies of digital businesses. But you must rely on more than just one strategy.

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