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Visual Identity: Importance Of It For Your Business

Visual Identity: Do you know when you meet someone and remember that person’s special characteristics? The same is true in the world of business and marketing.

Undoubtedly, you would want your audience to connect with your brand instantly. So your visual identity needs to be attractive enough to make that connection. 

You can recognize many famous brands by looking at the image that identifies them. And this recognition is exactly what your company needs. 

Investing in a set of elements to make your brand unique is especially important to attract, delight, and convert customers. How about learning more about building a good visual identity? Good reading!

What Is Visual Identity?

A company’s visual identity is a set of elements identifying concepts, positioning, and business values. Most people immediately relate this idea to the logo, and that’s a good start. But such a set also involves other components:

  • Color palette.
  • Typography.
  • Brand Book.
  • Business Card.
  • Letterhead.
  • Site.
  • Envelope.
  • Email signature, among others. 

As we said at the beginning of this text, it is easier to imagine that your company is a person. Like you, it has some important and differential features that make it stand out in its niche market. Do you agree? 

It is these differentials and these qualities that must be present in your visual identity. Was it clearer? Everything that helps identify your company is part of its visual identity. 

This is exactly what happens with the big brands in the market – such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and, more recently, Nubank. Once assimilated, the visual identity is engraved in the consumer’s memory, generating identification and engagement. This contributes a lot to the growth of the business.  

A well-built brand is easily assimilated. It arouses curiosity, transmits security and confidence, and generates a feeling of closeness. In addition, it facilitates decision-making during the customer’s purchase journey. So, ready to think about your company’s visual identity? 

What Makes Up The Visual Identity?

A company’s visual identity is made up of elements that lead to the immediate identification of the product or service it offers. Likewise, it also awakens sensations in consumers. See below.


The first item that comes to most people’s minds when discussing visual identity is the logo. Generally composed of symbols, texts, and shapes, the logo graphically represents the business and identifies the brand. When well-built, it also conveys the main idea of ​​your company, establishing a connection with your target audience. 

More than just beautiful, your logo needs to be functional. Therefore, creation involves design, psychology, and a lot of research to arrive at the ideal result.

Color Palette

Have you ever heard of color psychology? If this concept is unfamiliar to you, know that each color can provoke sensations and feelings in people. Therefore, link your visual identity to the color palette that best represents your business.

The chosen palette must reflect your ideals and convey confidence in your product or service. This is a job that requires knowledge and a lot of research. The color palette establishes specific hues for projects contributing to your brand association. 

Brand Book 

The brand book, or brand manual, is a document that ensures the standardization of a company’s communication. However, it goes beyond the rules for different applications of visual identity. A good brand book should also bring precious information to guide your business strategies.

This document is the embodiment of your brand. He needs to establish the positioning, the concept, the tone of voice, the principles, purposes, and values ​​that compose it. 

Business Card

A good business card, essential in the business world, reflects the company’s visual identity and corporate image. In addition to making presentations official, he is excellent at strengthening networking and ensuring good partnerships and business.

Letterhead And Envelope

The letterhead and the envelope are also part of your brand’s visual identity. They will accompany all your company’s communications with customers, giving credibility to these documents.


Think for a moment. If a customer were looking for products or services in your area, would he find your company online? Currently, a website is the most used tool to establish a relationship with the public.

Let’s see the survey carried out by the Coronation platform, with about 139 million internet users. Therefore, your website needs to follow your visual identity, be relevant, and be easily found by search engines. Bet on creating a blog fed with good content. Also, invest in SEO optimization and a responsive design for access on any device. 

Email Signature

The email signature tracks all communications sent to leads and customers in your email marketing strategy. In addition to facilitating contact with your audience, the signature personalizes and standardizes the corporate email, making it much more professional.

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