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Where To Start Your Social Media Planning?

Social Media Planning: You must have realized that maintaining a profile is insufficient to achieve good results. Therefore, thinking about a proactive strategy is the right alternative to improve your performance. 

As with many other digital marketing practices, you need to establish the following:

  • its objectives and goals;
  • the target audience you want to reach;
  • the frequency of posts;
  • the ways to measure and analyze the results.

That’s why we’ve prepared this content to help you start your social media planning for 2023. Oh! It’s worth saving the tips for years to come, see?

What Is Social Media Planning?

Social media planning is an elaborate plan that will guide your digital media strategy. In it, you will organize ideas and purposes to produce content that make sense for your brand persona. This is also where they are defined:

  • the most appropriate channels for the distribution of its contents;
  • how often you will post;
  • Which tools will be used to optimize your work? 

How Important Is Social Media Planning?

Developing a good social media plan is essential for your strategy to achieve positive results. This handy guide can extend your brand’s digital reach, generate leads, and increase your sales. 

This is because, with so many people using the networks, it is natural that this is an important way to invest in marketing. With new consumer behaviors in the buying journey, digital media has become a rich medium. They are the ideal space for those who want to market their products and services. 

To get an idea, let’s look at a survey by Capterra, a software comparison platform for companies. He points out that 62% of Brazilians have already purchased a product through social networks. Meanwhile, 60% feel influenced by paid ads. Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are the most used platforms for this purpose.

Now that you’ve understood the importance of social media planning, it’s time to take the first step.

Social Media Planning: Where To Start?

Well, let’s start your social media planning. At first, you must imagine it as a sufficiently consistent base to support your activities in this field. 

Therefore, in addition to building a good strategy for your content, you must pay attention to other important points:

  • The editorial line of your brand.
  • The audience you want to communicate with.
  • The channels that will be used for this.
  • The goals that need to be achieved.
  • The ways to monitor the results. 

Let’s go.

Define Your Brand’s Editorial Line

Do you know what your brand’s editorial line is for? So that you can identify the general and broader topics that can be addressed in your social networks. Remember that these subjects must follow your company’s values, purposes, performance and personality.

Know Your Audience In Depth

Knowing your audience is fundamental to following the same path as the editorial line. Thus, you produce more assertive content that talks and makes sense to your ideal client. 

Remember that, above all, social networks were created to favor connections and relationships. When it comes to people, it’s easy to understand. Ana chats with Pedro, discovers mutual friends, expands her network, and so on. 

But, for Ana to relate to your brand, your posts need to delight her. This means doing much more than just promoting your product, hence the importance of building your persona. Discover personal tastes, doubts, needs and channels she usually frequents.

Determine The Channels And Frequency Of Your Posts

At this point in your social media planning, you need to understand which channels make the most sense to feed. For this, the previous topic must be complete. After all, if you know where Ana will be, it’s easier to direct your efforts. 

After defining the networks that will be used, it is also necessary to establish a frequency for your posts. For this, consider the following:

  • the characteristics of each of the chosen channels;
  • its production capacity;
  • the behavior of your audience. 

Also, remember that keeping followers engaged depends on the regularity and consistency of your posts. 

Align Your Goals

A company’s social media planning needs to align with other marketing efforts. Your goals can be to generate more leads, strengthen brand positioning, educate your audience, or sell more.

The important thing is that they are achievable and measurable. This favors the analysis and verifies if the strategy is fulfilling its purposes or if some adjustments need to be made.

Monitor Your Results

The final part of your social media planning is to determine metrics and KPIs to monitor the performance of your posts. Thus, it is much more practical to find out what is working, which subjects yield engagement and what can be improved. 

Doing this follow-up is essential to structure the following contents of your publications so that the performance is even better.

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