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What Is Gamification, And What Are Its Benefits?

Gamification: Publicizing and highlighting your company from the competition is difficult, but with the right strategies, it can be achieved.

Some businesses are investing in innovative actions to reach and retain the public, and gamification in marketing has drawn attention to this story.

Everyone who works with marketing and communication knows how the public’s attention is disputed. If before this scenario was already competitive, today the situation is even more fierce: the popularization of the internet has opened a universe of stimuli for people, consuming their time and energy.

There are promotional emails, sponsored posts on social networks, video advertisements, and partnerships with influencers, not to mention the traditional forms of dissemination — with TV, radio spots, newspapers, magazines, and printed newsletters — every day, hammering home in the minds of customers. 

Faced with so many stimuli, how can you make your company stand out from the competition and reach the public’s hearts?

In trying to solve this dilemma, businesses of all sizes and market segments have been investing in innovative actions, such as gamification. But what this methodology, in particular, could help to hook customers?

What Are Its Benefits?

This strategy uses game elements, logic and design in contexts that are not just for entertainment. Resources such as avatars, medallions and ranking are applied dynamically to encourage people to perform tasks or even awaken behaviors that generate positive impacts.

Gamification has been seen as a trend, bringing benefits to different areas – such as health, politics, education and companies. And one of the main factors for this is the attraction that games have for people, something that has even been proven in studies.

However, more than activating an existing game, a company can invest in its gamification strategy to control the entire process of attracting and retaining the public — and there are examples of the benefits of this partnership. 

What Are The Most Common?

The most common benefits of gamification are:

  • Encourages teamwork;
  • Provides more attractive teaching;
  • Allows content segmentation;
  • Provides instant learning feedback;
  • Helps in the development of analytical skills;
  • Enables the development of socio-emotional skills;
  • Improves student motivation.

Which Segments Can Resort To Gamification?

Several marketing segments can be contemplated with the benefits of gamification. See the main ones.

Gamification In Events

Gamification can be used in marketing actions to engage the public, make the event more interactive and obtain better responses in these circumstances. Instead of betting on lectures and conversations — traditional measures —you can implement this innovative methodology and make events memorable.

A great example of this is the company Boticário which inserted its company in the gamer world with the game Anakin Life. The person interested in purchasing a product can enter a store, purchase in this virtual environment and receive their orders at home—a completely different experience from going to a physical store or the brand’s e-commerce.

Gamification In Customer Loyalty

If marketing is looking for an alternative to strengthen the company’s brand and promote actions aimed at customer loyalty, gamification can be an out-of-the-curve solution. This feature can enhance the bond between buyers and the company.

The sports brand Nike invests in a gamified application to encourage the practice of physical activity for its customers. It offers the public a positive experience and is also connected to the brand’s goals and values. Through this strategy, she can get closer to her customers and deliver a completely different experience from what they are used to.

Product/Service Launch

Launching a product or service is always challenging because you need to convince the audience that your solution stands out from the rest of the market. If your product or service is similar to the other options, it becomes even more challenging to differentiate yourself to create a compelling message.

Gamification can attract attention and stand out from traditional dissemination actions. In this case, it becomes a “bait” for people to get to know the product or service launched and guarantees a different and positive experience with your brand.

Lead Generation

Using gamification as “bait” can also be a marketing solution aimed at lead generation. That’s because, before a sale, there is the whole process of working and nurturing a lead; implementing a gamified activity can draw attention, provide different and free content and attract those leads that could become customers in the future.

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