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What You Need To Start Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool, which has lost some of its strength due to many people’s association with unwanted messages or spam.

But the truth is that if used correctly, email marketing remains an option to talk to the right audience in a segmented and low-cost way.

An email marketing campaign always aims to move the recipient to some action. Thus, more than thinking about a briefing, the text or the layout of an email, one should think about its objective and the set of practices that will make it have more excellent visualization, opening and click rates, achieving a better result.

We have a few types of emails we can generate:

  • Stream email (text)

Text email, used in nurturing flows, with plain text and CTAs

  • Email Marketing RD Station (Image)

An email with images made from templates created directly in RD Station.

  • Email Marketing (HTML)

An email with images, made in Photoshop and later finalized in HTML.

  • newsletter

Newsletter template, made from a template created directly in RD Station.

So, here are some steps for you to start using this strategy:

Content Creation

The first step in creating email marketing campaigns is creating the content. It is essential that the content is short and impactful and leads the visitor to conversion (opening and clicking on the email). Each email model has specific characteristics, but the titles and texts must be eye-catching and directly linked to the offer or solution. They contain, on average, between 110 and 180 words and follow copywriting techniques.

Definition Of Sender, Signature And Basis For Triggering

Within the definition of your strategy, it is essential to have a segmented email list so that you can send emails that convert. So, it would help if you defined the following:

  • Sender: from which email will the trigger be made
  • Signature: Who signs the email? Is there an email signature to enter?
  • Contact list: what is the base of segmentation to which the email will be sent?
  • Trigger date: What is the date and time for sending the email?


The briefing goes on to the Creation of the type of email composed of images (Content Offer, Promotional and Newsletter). Based on the information, Creation can start the production of Email marketing. The email must be visually attractive but functional, so it should preferably be developed within an email marketing tool (in our case, RD Station) so that one step can be reduced.

Otherwise, your architecture should be designed to simplify the wrapping process in HTML. There is a backlog of ideas that we recorded with the practices that have worked in the construction of email marketing, which can be accessed here (LINK), and that can also receive updates whenever there is any tip or practice that can be used by other creatives or even by customer service or digital in other email marketing’s.


Before shooting, the email must be constantly reviewed by the person in charge of the digital and the account service itself.

In the case of an email consisting of an image (HTML), the test must be carried out in Outlook and Gmail to verify that there are no errors or breaks in either service. In addition, it is essential to test possible links in the emails to see if they are all addressed to the right place, which can be a website, a landing page or even a page on social networks.

To facilitate this task, some free tools can be used to test and verify email marketing. If you want to go deeper into this part to ensure that your email marketing can lead to the expected result, an AB Test can be done, comparing two versions of the same email to see which one can bring more results.


With email marketing revised and tested, emails can be scheduled, but it is worth remembering that each type of public can respond better according to a specific day and time for sending the email. Therefore, it is worth looking for studies that show user behavior when receiving new emails and testing your audience to see which way they best respond.

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