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Adequately Protect Email Addresses – It’s That Easy

Each of us uses at least one email address. Whether for subscriptions, private and professional communication, or orders in online shops, we do not hesitate to give and use the address. It is one of our most sensitive data. We will therefore show you how to protect your email address adequately.

We should all develop a unique awareness of protecting our email addresses, especially when we initiate payments with our email address or send personal information or pictures by email. Many users find the security of their emails unnecessary and excessive.

It happens far too often that email content and attachments, for example, through phishing emails, fall into the wrong hands. Depending on the case, fraudsters can even hack the entire account if it is not sufficiently protected.

The consequences cannot be foreseen in advance: if users use the same passwords in combination for different accounts, scammers have an easy time of it. You can then not only order goods, for example but also authorize payments to the bank account or access the crypto wallet.

Anyone who has not yet dealt with the security of their email account should do so.

Some ways to protect your emails are using strong passwords and enabling 2FA. Additionally, to protect your privacy, it is suggested to use secure cloud-based storage solutions and proxy servers such as pay-as-you-go residential proxies. This solution allows users to securely store and share data while ensuring that it is only accessible by authorized users.

What Dangers Is My Email Account Exposed To?

Most of us assume that the email address serves one purpose only: communication. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case in practice. Below we show you three scenarios in which your email address can be at risk.

Company Profiling

Even if many of us are unaware of this, companies can create entire profiles of you only with your email address. These profiles are often exchanged with other companies for money, depending on the privacy settings.

Email Address Published In Data Breach

If there are data leaks at companies (such as Facebook most recently in 2021), the email addresses are usually published together with the passwords. Scammers have an easy time if this combination is used on other sites or even by the email provider itself.

Spam List

Once your email address is on the spam list, it’s almost impossible to stop being bothered by spam emails and phishing emails.

The solution: Free Email Protection With Crumbs Email Relay

Protect your email address completely free with Crumbs Email Relay. Your address will be hidden behind a pseudonym, such as Fudgeonlinecookies@relay.crumbs.org. Email sent to this address will be forwarded directly, and only you have access to the information in the delivered email.

Apple “Hide my email” and Firefox “Firefox Relay” also offers a similar service, but Crumb’s Email Relay is the only free service for all users of all operating systems. To hide your data from third parties.

To use the service, the first step is to install Crumbs for Firefox or Chrome. Then, activate Crumb’s email relay and enter the email address you want to protect. As soon as you come across an email input mask online in the future, Crumbs will contact you and offer you a pseudonym to enter your email address.

Emails sent to the pseudonym are forwarded directly to the email address you have stored. And only you have access to your emails.

Convince yourself of Crumbs E-Mail Relay and protect your emails utterly free of charge in the future.

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