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Digitization Of Business Processes: Three Tips For A Successful Start

The new world of work, associated with great flexibility, poses significant challenges for medium-sized companies. Companies must introduce digital business processes to adapt to the changing work culture.

The replacement of previously paper-based processes with the digitization of business processes is the prerequisite for reliable availability of information and accelerates decisions. The key to this is document management systems. A DMS solution enables electronic document management in the company and supports employees in processing, archiving and researching information. Document management systems allow you to access and use business-critical data directly, regardless of time and place.

Progress At Your Own Pace

Although the advantages are obvious, only a few medium-sized companies are still investing in digitizing business processes. For many decision-makers, the benefit has been difficult to grasp because they usually do not pay directly into the company’s balance sheet but only show their significant effect in the long term. Added to this is the hesitation that is traditionally widespread in medium-sized companies when implementing time-consuming and cost-intensive projects.

Modern DMS solutions are characterized by a user-friendly interface that enables intuitive use. An application-related pre-configuration by the provider and the possibility to implement DMS software modularly and quickly make it easy for smaller companies to introduce digital processes and scale them as required gradually. Therefore, it is advisable not to redesign all methods in all company areas at once but to start with the essential processes or areas of the company first. In this way, you always have an overview of progress, obstacles and costs – and minimize risks for ongoing operations.

DMS Is Not An Isolated Solution

To use their full potential and significantly accelerate processes, DMS solutions must be integrated into the existing application landscape and linked to existing solutions such as SAP or Salesforce via interfaces. The connection to the company’s applications can be decisive here. DMS solutions such as the Kyocera Workflow Manager can also be fully and seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office environments and enable employees to initiate digital processes directly from Outlook or Word documents and archive files. The digitalization of business processes frees up time that employees can use for more productive tasks, such as better customer service.

Involve Employees In The Digitization Of Business Processes

The introduction of digital processes is changing the day-to-day work of employees. Therefore, a high level of acceptance among the workforce is crucial for the success of DMS projects. It is therefore essential to involve employees in changes at an early stage. The work itself often changes to a lesser extent than feared. It just moves from analogue to digital. Companies should plan the use of DMS in the long term. To achieve maximum ROI and to regularly collect and incorporate feedback from employees. After all, they are the users, and they benefit from the most efficient business processes possible.

Some DMS solutions enable employees to create and edit their workflows. This allows them to influence the efficiency of their tasks directly. At the same time, you gain more transparency with a DMS, as the status of circulation folders or other processes with several processing steps can be tracked via the system.

How A DMS Can Support The Digitization Of Business Processes

As with any digitization initiative, they were introducing a DMS solution must be well prepared to create direct added value for the company. It is essential to plan sub-steps sensibly, consider DMS solutions as part of the entire IT landscape, and involve employees early. Even before these steps are tackled, clearly defined goals are essential because the possibilities are manifold.

What should DMS software do in your own company? Should throughput times be shortened, paper-based processes abolished, or information made easier to find? Everything is ready for inventory and concrete planning if the goals are clear. That sounds time-consuming and expensive, but good preparation and the right software accelerate business processes quickly and in a budget-friendly manner, thus ensuring greater efficiency and a clear competitive advantage.

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