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iOS 15.6.1: Unexpected Apple Update Due To Security Concerns

Shortly before iOS 16, Apple surprisingly released an out-of-order update with iOS 15.6.1. This is because of two security gaps, that Apple says “anonymous researchers” have discovered. 

Apple Releases iOS 15.6.1 And iPadOS 15.6.1

Just three weeks after the release of iOS 15.6, Apple has released further updates for the iPhone and iPad with iOS 15.6.1 and iPadOS 15.6.1. Like the previous version, the new software is all about troubleshooting. But in contrast to iOS 15.6, the new software is a surprise.

iOS 15.6.1: Anonymous Researchers Point Out Security Vulnerabilities

According to Apple, the unexpected update is information from anonymous researchers who drew attention to two security gaps. Accordingly, the US group has received reports that suggest that unknown vulnerabilities in the kernel and the WebKit of the operating system could have been exploited.

While the kernel is supposed to ensure a smooth process and data organization in the system, WebKit forms the basis for the Apple browser Safari. According to the clues, a vulnerability in the kernel would have ensured that a code released certain rights for intruders.

A vulnerability in WebKit could also have caused compromised websites to run malicious code on affected devices. So far, it is unclear whether and who exactly was able to exploit the security gaps. Apple also did not provide information on whether older iOS versions are affected. However, the US group advises the update.

iOS 16 Is In The Starting Blocks

iOS 15.6.1 and iOS 15.6.1 appear to be significant security updates. With iOS 16, a complete version is in the starting blocks. In addition to numerous new functions, the update also promises some design adjustments.

iOS 16 is currently in the testing phase. However, Apple announced a fall release. A possible date could be the Apple keynotes in autumn 2022.

Install iOS 15.6.1

iOS 15.6.1 has been available for free download since August 17, 2022. By default, Apple recommends a timely installation. The version can be downloaded via the device settings under “General” and “Software update.” The update supports all devices already running iOS 15 – i.e., all models from the iPhone 6S onwards.

The corresponding iPad version, iPad 15.6.1, is available for all devices from the fifth generation and the iPad mini 4. In addition to the updates for the iPhone and iPad, Apple also released new software versions for the Apple Watch with watchOS 8.7.1. It is available for all devices of the third series.

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